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Mail Day

My daughter is in Preschool now (1st grade… what!?) Anyway, in her school they asked us (parents) to write a letter for our children for Mail Day (October 9)


Honestly, I had no idea of the celebration. As good parents, we wrote a letter and my daughter was over cloud 9, 10 and 11.

She was sooooo excited that I liked to do a class about it. I made a mailbox (horrible, no pictures) and a big letter to explain to my little students the art of writing a letter envelope.

I gave them a letter and we sent it for someone inside the school: classmate, sibling, teacher, etc (I got a few)

If you want to do the same and print it, HERE YOU (mailday)




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National Novel Writing Month



nanowrimo (1)

And with that National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWrimo. I didn’t know about this amazing movement until last month that a dear friend from India told me. I am so ready to start my month of writing. 50,000 words are a big achievement with grading, teaching, mothering and espousing. However, I am already pumped up and ready to start.


Join me and a lot others around the world in


Are you a PLANNER or a PANTSER?

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500 Words Story


For a couple of years, BBC Radio 2 (UK radio channel) has a contest for elementary students called 500 Words (Official page). The prize are books for the winner and his/her school.

The idea is amazing and really imaginative. 500 words is enough.

For EFL, you can encourage students to write their own or make listening comprehension exercises with the audios.





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A Whole Year of Writing

One year ago, I had this idea on a long weekend that stretched into a short story of 29,062 written words almost as long as George Orwell’s Animal Farm (That book gave me chills) or John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men (which I haven’t read). From that moment, it was snowball of ideas.


I became a writer. So far in my profile which I won’t say where and when has reached over 670,000 published words. This is definitely a personal milestone since I never thought I would become a writer. I have my little circle of followers, my editor and I am actually having a lot of fun.

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The Punctuation Guide

Lately, if I haven’t mentioned before I am still in the middle of a really long and huge writing phase. Writing is really fun and artistic but there is science behind. Spelling and punctuation are so important. There is a reason there are literary editors in the world or in the new approaches we must encourage editing skills.


The Punctuation Guide is a simple webpage, stylish designed with simple examples how to use the periods, the commas, semi-colons, etc. It’s worth having in your Favorites folder or Marks. It’s a good reference guide.

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Dyslexie Font

Doing so scrolling on Facebook, I encountered an article on Anne Rice Facebook profile about this webpage. The article is This Man Invented a Font to Help People with Dyslexia Read. Basically, this man Christian made a font with really almost unnoticed differences in each letter but they help others to read better.


If you want to get it for free, you need to fill a simple form and you will receive it by email. It actually looks really good.

So check it out at:




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Store Cubes

Over the summer, I made a quick trip to USA. I went to Wal-Mart and like usual I went to the Toys section (I have kids).


Over the Game Boards aisle, I found this and I thought it’s really genius.


So simple and worth sharing. For more links and Ideas:

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