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Yes, We Can! Secondary Review


We received finally more textbooks to replace the deficient supply we received at the beginning of the school year. We got a full load of Yes, We Can Secondary by Richmond.


I must say that I like it a lot. I used All Ready last year and it’s good but sometimes it’s too advanced. Okay, let’s start this review.


  • The audios are quite clear and comprehensible (at least in 1st grade which I taught this year)
  • The textbook is not too heavy.
  • The activitivies are diverse, up to the point and level.
  • The instructions are simple (you wouldn’t believe how many textbook complicate themselves and myself with the instructions)
  • The readers book has texts according to the topic.
  • The color scheme and layout is pleasant to the eye in most of the pages.


  • As always, I have complained that the readers book is in shades of grey (no best-seller novel).
  • The paper quality and binding are not perfect. I am already losing pages by the daily use. They are ungluing.

Overall it’s a good option for a textbook. If you have it, take care of it. If you don’t have. I almost have all the package from the audios, teachers books and I’m scanning the textbooks (1st grade complete). If you want them, send me a comment.


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Little Exercise of Storybooks



Last week, I started with Storybook (Unit 1b) and I like this unit. Whoever knows me know 3 things about me: I love reading, I adore and annoy my husband and I don’t care if my hair is a mess.

Anyway, I believe in multiple purposes copies. So, I made this easy 6 per page printable to work on the story books. I used it only for the students to write the titles of the faitytales.

However, I believe it can be use to make charts writing the title, characters, setting, characteristics of characters (you know: adjectives), etc. OR write the plot, the summary of the story in one line. I don’t know. It’s your imagination.

Well, I give your the printable for you to use: Check it out right here.


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Practice Conversations for Project 1


For the first project which it already passed. We are starting the second project. Students have to write and say their own dialogues for service. For them to practice, I uploaded 3 conversations we used during the course. This audios and scripts are from Yes, We Can 1 by Richmond Publishing. (Thanks, guys… Please don’t sue me. It’s for educational purposes only)

Music Store: (Listen. Click here: Track 3)

  • WOMAN: Good afternoon. Welcome to Music Castle.
  • BOY: Hello, thank you.
  • GIRL: Hey, Rob, let’s find the pop section. I’d like to listen to the Big Five album before I buy it.
  • BOY: OK. Let’s ask where it is.
  • WOMAN: May I help you?
  • GIRL: Yes, please. We’re looking for the pop music section.
  • WOMAN: It’s over here; come with me. Are you looking for a specific band or singer?
  • BOY: Yes, the latest album of the Big Five.
  • WOMAN: That’s over there. Here you are.
  • BOY: Thanks.

Movie Theatrer: (Listen. Click here: Track 4)

  • WOMAN: Good afternoon. Welcome to X-press Cinemas.
  • BOY: Good afternoon. Can I have four tickets to see Surviving in the Ocean, please?
  • WOMAN: Sure. What time?
  • BOY: The 6:15 show, please.
  • WOMAN: OK, four tickets to see Surviving in the Ocean at 6:15. That’s 20 dollars, please.
  • BOY: 20 dollars… here you are.
  • WOMAN: Thank you. Enjoy the movie.
  • BOY: Thanks.

Restaurant: (Listen. Click here: Track 6)

  • WAITER: Good afternoon. May I take your order?
  • GIRL: Yes. I’d like the soup of the day and then a chicken Caesar wrap, please.
  • WAITER: Would you like anything to drink?
  • GIRL: Hmm… a glass of water and some iced tea, please.
  • WAITER: And what would you like to order?
  • BOY: I’d like to have the mozzarella sticks, please.
  • WAITER: Mozzarella sticks…Anything else?
  • BOY: Can I have the steak fajita wrap, please?
  • WAITER: Sure. Anything to drink?
  • BOY: I’ll have a glass of lemonade.
  • WAITER: OK. Let me confirm your order… A soup of the day, a chicken Caesar wrap, an order of mozzarella sticks
    and a steak fajita wrap. And to drink, a glass of water, some iced tea and a glass of lemonade.
  • GIRL: That’s right, thanks.
  • WAITER: You’re welcome. I’ll be right back.

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Homemade Textbook 2nd grade (Unit 1 & 2)


As my Second grade moms requested, I am on this. It’s almost finished. I really wanted to this over the next summer… whatever.


I really don’t like 2nd grade syllabus. It feels weird. I see the books and I really don’t understand a lot of things. Well, I did my best. I will use this year and pulish it for next year.

To download, please Click HERE for Unit 1 and CLICK HERE for Unit 2. Hopefully, I will have the rest before October ends.


  1. Homemade and not affiliated to a publisher house.
  2. The images are from the Internet. I apologize in advance.
  3. It’s made in black and white to let students color.
  4. It’s both side page, you gotta save the trees.
  5. If any big mistake, please tell me soon before I go to the copy shop.
  6. I checked 3 different textbook to assemble this.
  7. I am not getting a single cent for this. I lost mom hours doing this. Don’t remind me.

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Diagnostic Test 1st grade (sec)


Over the last two weeks, I had received emails and Facebook notifications in groups about diagnostic tests. They are all great. I am not saying that they are not. However, at least in 1st grade these tests are not meant for the reality of things.

“What? But the new syllabus, their elementary education bla bla” said a couple of really shocked readers, incluiding myself.

Schoology - Another social network for education

Hear me out first. At least in Hermosillo (my hometown), EFL in Elementary is really far from completely covered. There are a lot of schools without teachers in the whole 6 grades. Some students only had an English teacher one or two years. Some never had an English teacher in Elementary, so they come to us in Secondary, greener than the neighbors’ grass.

How do I know? Well, I am a English teacher working in Elementary. I have been the teacher who only stayed a year in an Elementary  school and they wasn’t one previous or after me. I know most of the English teachers in Elementary and when we get together we complain that this classroom doesn’t have English classes, my replacement left, in my former school and so on.


So… I have totally loved the diagnostic tests you have sent to me. I have read them and took ideas back and forth. However, of course, I made my own and I share it like usual. Check it out: Diagnostic Test 1st Grade. I think this is the first test I have ever shared, so I am really proud of this. I think is worth re-use it next year.

Note: I focused in 5 things I consider important: school supplies, classroom orders, numbers, personal information and spelling. If they had English in Elementary, most English teachers do the Spelling Bee Contest (as you might seen in a lot of previous posts)

Also, over my summer on Pinterest (amazing!), I found this could idea to collect data. I don’t know if it’s new, old, known or unknown. I found it super really cool.


I asked students to (of course) answer the multiple choice test and fill the squares.


I cut the squares in strips. I pasted them with a lot of concentration over my TV show.


I took my ever faithfull highlighter and started marking the “Opportunities areas”. When you see the finished product, well, you ended out seeing letters, maybe a pictures, but also you can clearly see where you can work on easily both individually and in general by question. Low-Tech for everybody.


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To share: 1st Grade Textbook (Unit 1)


Last year, textbooks were late (nothing new), so this year to avoid the unproductive time of trying to find something to do while they books arrive. I made my own. I am really thinking of expanding this the whole way to Unit 5, but right now it’s only FIRST UNIT. I take ideas for the rest if you want to send them by comment. I appreciate in advance.


Example of one page

Example of one page

This is homemade. It’s not affiliated to any publisher house or something like that.

For the PDF file, please CLICK HERE and read the NOTES BELOW.

Recommendations and notes:

  1. It’s meant to be black and white so the kids can color. It’s terapheutic and it helps them with the fine motor skills.
  2. Also, I haven’t printed it out, so I don’t really know how it looks. Please tell me.
  3. It’s for both side of the page. You have to save trees.
  4. It’s not in any moment a replacement of your current textbook (at least not officially). You can use it as workbook, or homework book.
  5. If you are wondering, I check for different 4 textbooks to make it, also what happened last year into consideration to make this textbook.
  6. It’s not perfect. Any error, mistake, omission or such, please notice me.
  7. If you share it, just mention me. I would hate that this comes back to my hands in a CD for sell or something like that. Oh, all right then!

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Planning in Secondary, a big reflection and roundup

record views

I love my visits in the posts about planing, specifically those clicks on my lesson plans. No kidding! I understand the difficulties on the topic, something so important and yet so complicated. (Related posts: Reflexions after a secondary reunion and New Planning Format)


Having the textbooks helps a lot, especially if you choose it to fit your students. (check my post: Selecting a textbook).

However, only a couple of schools have updated textbooks in the trail version. Most of us, don’t. (Check posts: PNIEB and Conaliteg, PNIEB and Conaliteg, 2013 edition)


Through influences some have textbooks only one for the teacher, the students go to get copies. That’s the way we are working at school #2. (check post: All Right! 2 – My textbook review)

Last year in my #1 Secondary, we worked (I mean: me) using the syllabus and use printables made by me, which I shared on:


This year, we received a note from the supervisor to work with old syllabus since we have old syllabus textbooks. Honestly, I felt betrayed. All year trying and working with the new syllabus and I wasn’t listened or cared by some peers. OK by me, even better I have all for the school year, ha ha ha.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder it could be less stressing if I justgot the lesson plan from someone, follow it and sleep at night. Kidding!, that’s not my style. Even with a textbook, I like to make extra activities. (Check post: Lacking textbook)

Honestly #2, I like to plan by myself. When I just started in Secondary, I bought a planning book ($150 pesos) which I didn’t like and ended up planning all anyway. There wasn’t anything helpful in that book. It was the same that reading the syllabus.

If you want to check out other lesson plans very general too but yet more helpful than that book that I bought a long time a go. Check this 3 places:

  • Programa de Ingles del DF. It has all grades. I like the suggested activities at the second page of each lesson plan.
  • PNIEB Coahuila. I don’t like the format but it has activities, vocabulary and structures which is very helpful to focus on.
  • Planeaciones de Secundaria OLX. This is for sale. It looks interesting. I would buy it if several pitch in.

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