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Flashcards for 2nd grade Textbook 2016


This is my last day with my mother in law and I have to seize the day. Anyway! I have finally made the flashcards to go with my fan-praised textbook. It’s black and white so you can color at will or your printer works like that!


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2nd Homemade Textbook 2016


I finally re-edited this year textbook: HOME edition. Honestly, I didn’t do much, just added the spelling bee section at the beginning and I corrected two mistakes (like in the page below: BALTA is wrong. It should be BALTE). That’s it!


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Flashcards for 1st Grade Textbook 2016

So hello world! I am still busy but not so much for at least one week. My mother in law is on town and I am almost childless.


So, I have finally made the flashcards to go with my fan-praised textbook. It’s black and white so you can color at will or your printer works like that.


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1st Grade Homemade Textbook 2016

I am so proud of myself

I am so proud of myself

I haven´t done many changes in comparison with last year. I only changed the front page and a couple of layouts in other pages.

Ready to start

Ready to start

I ONLY added a spelling bee section with the words used in last year contest.



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My Homemade Textbook New Edition 2015

Reflexions after a secondary reunion... the diet theory

Last year, I made a textbook if you didn´t know. More info, PRESS ON TEXTBOOK TAG

This year, I updated, made changes and correct mistakes for this year.




Note: This is homemade and without any comercial relationship with any publisher company.

Note 2: I eliminate the Unit 5, because honestly I never make it that far. In Sonora, we end the school year 3 weeks earlier than the rest of the country, and minus 2 weeks in the Winter Break and 2 other weeks in the Easter Break…. Well, I’m lucky if I finished the Unit 4.

Note 3: It’s designed to be printed on both sides of the page, except for the cover.


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Sharing Last Year Lesson Plans – 1st Grade of Secondary

I love that movie!

I love that movie!

I am a little selfish and self-guarded when it comes to my work, like most of us, but I believe in sharing when you are no longer using it, when you tried and you are pleased by the outcome.

Last year, our Teacher Training Boss, Jefe de Enseñanza, asked us to plan by unit and daily. Honestly, I hate daily planning but I have done it for a long time so I can do it.

Note 1: I don´t have the whole weekly thing because we were told in December and I totally forgot the last project.yeswecan03

Note 2: It´s using Yes, We Can 1 as our textbook

Note 3: It´s not perfect. There are hundreds of mistakes.

Note 4: Yes, that´s my whole full and super long name.

Unit 1 Monthly
Unit 2 Monthly Weekly 2b
Unit 3 Monthly Weekly 3a, Weekly 3b
Unit 4 Monthly Weekly 4a, Weekly 4b
Unit 5 Monthly Weekly 5a
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Test for 1st Bimester


This is the last week of the bimester and we are all running around grading everything we have forgotten, projects, tests, etc.

For those who have been using the textbook I made, I made also the test. I am very simple with test because for me test are not important, daily assessment is. It has minimal writing for those students who are still struggling, and it simple enough so they don’t stress over it. They already stress with the other subjects.

For 1st grade: Test for 1st Bimester

For 2nd grade: Test for 1st Bimester

Teacher friends have been asking for the 3rd grade. I’m not working on it yet, maybe over the winter break.

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Yes, We Can! Secondary Review


We received finally more textbooks to replace the deficient supply we received at the beginning of the school year. We got a full load of Yes, We Can Secondary by Richmond.


I must say that I like it a lot. I used All Ready last year and it’s good but sometimes it’s too advanced. Okay, let’s start this review.


  • The audios are quite clear and comprehensible (at least in 1st grade which I taught this year)
  • The textbook is not too heavy.
  • The activitivies are diverse, up to the point and level.
  • The instructions are simple (you wouldn’t believe how many textbook complicate themselves and myself with the instructions)
  • The readers book has texts according to the topic.
  • The color scheme and layout is pleasant to the eye in most of the pages.


  • As always, I have complained that the readers book is in shades of grey (no best-seller novel).
  • The paper quality and binding are not perfect. I am already losing pages by the daily use. They are ungluing.

Overall it’s a good option for a textbook. If you have it, take care of it. If you don’t have. I almost have all the package from the audios, teachers books and I’m scanning the textbooks (1st grade complete). If you want them, send me a comment.


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Little Exercise of Storybooks



Last week, I started with Storybook (Unit 1b) and I like this unit. Whoever knows me know 3 things about me: I love reading, I adore and annoy my husband and I don’t care if my hair is a mess.

Anyway, I believe in multiple purposes copies. So, I made this easy 6 per page printable to work on the story books. I used it only for the students to write the titles of the faitytales.

However, I believe it can be use to make charts writing the title, characters, setting, characteristics of characters (you know: adjectives), etc. OR write the plot, the summary of the story in one line. I don’t know. It’s your imagination.

Well, I give your the printable for you to use: Check it out right here.


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Practice Conversations for Project 1


For the first project which it already passed. We are starting the second project. Students have to write and say their own dialogues for service. For them to practice, I uploaded 3 conversations we used during the course. This audios and scripts are from Yes, We Can 1 by Richmond Publishing. (Thanks, guys… Please don’t sue me. It’s for educational purposes only)

Music Store: (Listen. Click here: Track 3)

  • WOMAN: Good afternoon. Welcome to Music Castle.
  • BOY: Hello, thank you.
  • GIRL: Hey, Rob, let’s find the pop section. I’d like to listen to the Big Five album before I buy it.
  • BOY: OK. Let’s ask where it is.
  • WOMAN: May I help you?
  • GIRL: Yes, please. We’re looking for the pop music section.
  • WOMAN: It’s over here; come with me. Are you looking for a specific band or singer?
  • BOY: Yes, the latest album of the Big Five.
  • WOMAN: That’s over there. Here you are.
  • BOY: Thanks.

Movie Theatrer: (Listen. Click here: Track 4)

  • WOMAN: Good afternoon. Welcome to X-press Cinemas.
  • BOY: Good afternoon. Can I have four tickets to see Surviving in the Ocean, please?
  • WOMAN: Sure. What time?
  • BOY: The 6:15 show, please.
  • WOMAN: OK, four tickets to see Surviving in the Ocean at 6:15. That’s 20 dollars, please.
  • BOY: 20 dollars… here you are.
  • WOMAN: Thank you. Enjoy the movie.
  • BOY: Thanks.

Restaurant: (Listen. Click here: Track 6)

  • WAITER: Good afternoon. May I take your order?
  • GIRL: Yes. I’d like the soup of the day and then a chicken Caesar wrap, please.
  • WAITER: Would you like anything to drink?
  • GIRL: Hmm… a glass of water and some iced tea, please.
  • WAITER: And what would you like to order?
  • BOY: I’d like to have the mozzarella sticks, please.
  • WAITER: Mozzarella sticks…Anything else?
  • BOY: Can I have the steak fajita wrap, please?
  • WAITER: Sure. Anything to drink?
  • BOY: I’ll have a glass of lemonade.
  • WAITER: OK. Let me confirm your order… A soup of the day, a chicken Caesar wrap, an order of mozzarella sticks
    and a steak fajita wrap. And to drink, a glass of water, some iced tea and a glass of lemonade.
  • GIRL: That’s right, thanks.
  • WAITER: You’re welcome. I’ll be right back.

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