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Great News at Edmodo

This year, I finally put in motion using Edmodo as part of my teaching process. I warned my students since the beginning of the school year and from 97 students, 90 have registered.

Anyway, this week I found out with the surprise that you can use Office Online as part of the free apps like in the picture bellow.


What are the advantages of this? in other words: SO?

  • You can create, modify and delete documents, spreedsheets and presentations from your Library (Backpack for students) without downloading and uploading.
  • No need of opening the Office Software.
  • No need of carrying USB flash drive and the ever possibility of catching a virus.

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Finally, Kindle in my hometown

As a bookwork-bookeater since Harry Potter 4 back in 1999, I had found myself without room for more books. Thereby, I had to take a different approach to keep my reading addiction.


In 2010, I was lucky enough to go to Tucson and bought a Kindle in $125 dollars and for a while I was really really happy. I easily read like 20 books before the keyboard got stock. Luckly, my father conviced me to buy an insurance and I got my money back no questions asked. I used the money to buy a tablet and for a while everything was right in the world.


It wasn’t until 2013 when the itch started to ache again and I wanted an e-reader again. So I went to Tucson on the Black Friday and I bought Nook Simple Touch… well, not only one but 2. The other one was for another bookeater: my niece. Well, it was in $ 40 dollars each. (Sadly no longer in existence)


Last year (2014), I returned to the Black Friday with the whole intention of buying lots of clothes and also the newest Kindle for $50 dlls (wifi with special offers… great deal!) I am extremely pleased with my Kindle and I love the dictionary features. A student bought one too and we got our covers together.


Last week, I went to my local Sam’s Club and I just ran into this. A Kindle stand, right here in Mexico. (HURRAY!!!)


It’s the Paperwhite version that glows in the dark and it costs $ 120 dollars or $2,399 pesos in and Sam’s Club.

Since it’s Sam’s Club, you can buy in interest-less monthly payment using your credit cart. It might sound a little pricy but I had squeezed each cent.

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I take it back… I love the Kindle too


Okay. I know I said the Nook Simple Touch was better. I still think the same because the practibility of EPUB format, and that’s it. I am probably hearing some ‘Judas’ in my back.


My husband got me a Kindle (7th Gen) for Christmas and he heritage my Nook. We are now reading together at bed at night. So cute!

For a month, I have been debating myself whether to talk about it or not.

Well, I got now the $79 version (Wifi, ads included). The overall format is pretty much like the Nook in terms of font, size and margins.

Advantages than my lovely beloved Nook:

  • Goodreads. I’m not a fan of this social network but it’s good to have it… just in case.
  • The ads. This is a depends. I like that I can personalize the screen savers in the Nook (You can’t on the Kindle), but the ads sometimes have really good offers or suggestions.
  • Dictionaries. I love the dictionaries, free, handy and bilingual included (I have my English-Spanish, RAE and Oxford)
  • Translation. You select a section in a book and you can translate to a lot of different languages. It’s handy to have fun of the translations made by the kindle.
  • Multilingual support. As Kindle is for an international audience, you can customize to a lot of different languages. I mostly use it in English but I sometimes switch it to French or Japanese just for the kicks.

OVERALL, If you are going to buy a e-reader, Kindle doesn’t disappoint. They are not making Nook Simple Touch anymore, so there are not exactly other choice unless you want a Kobo or Sony Reader which are a little more difficult to find in Mexico. The books in the Amazon store are sometimes cheap, or free. There are deals everyday. On the other resources, it’s difficult to find some titles.

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YotaPhone 2


Last year, exactly on January 16 (4 days earlier) I posted about my dream cell phone in the post titled Cellphone + Tablet + e-ink = OMG!

I waited the whole last year like a good girl for being released in Mexico and nothing. It was actually good because 1sts versions are not always good. The second generation or version, that’s the one. AND IT’S HERE!


YotaPhone 2 by the Russian company Yota released this amazing I-totally-want cell phone. The design is nicer looking than the first one. This is more round and slick. The e-ink screen is totally functional and amazing. I think I would use that screen all the time.

Some news around the WWW claims that it will arrive to Mexico after May. I cross my fingers. It will be pricy. That’s for sure.

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In E-readers, Nook vs Kindle


If you haven’t noticed, I’m an avid reader, completely obsessed with Percy Jackson lately, but that’s for later.


Anyway, when it comes to Nook vs Kindle. I believe in the power of Barnes and Noble, though they are losing the battle against Amazon. This year, the current models are the Nook Glowlight by Barnes and Noble ($119) while in Amazon we have the Kindle Basic ($79 or $99), Kindle Paperwhite ($119, $139, $189 or $209) and Kindle Voyage ($199, $219, $269 or $289).kindle

You are probably thinking that I’m completely biased, well, not. I had a Kindle back in 2011, so I know what I am talking about.


Both products are really good to read. I don’t deny their hardware, firmware and software. Both are amazing to buy, to read and enjoy… and they just don’t disappoint you at all.

HOWEVER… Why do I like Nook better? Mostly, only because one single fact because it’s easiest to find EPUB books files around the web.

I don’t deny the price of the cheapest Kindle model of $79 is super really appealing but I am still sticking up to B&N. However, if you want to buy me one, I won’t say NO.

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Nook Simple Touch


My niece posing

I haven’t mentioned my Turkey day extravaganza purshase: my new Nook Simple Touch. It was half price for Black Friday Special (from $79 to $39 dlls) and the cover on special too (from $25 to $10 dlls). Right it in $55 dollars, if you find it. I went two weeks ago to the Barnes & Noble in Tucson and it was SOLD OUT.

So far, I have read:




Currently readings:


Future readings:

If you have a table or smartphone using Android, you can read ebooks too using some apps like:

If you want a book in EPUB format, send me a comment.

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Cellphone + Tablet + e-ink = OMG!

For at least 6 months, I’d been waiting for this new cellphone: YOTA PHONE. Made by a Russian company named Yota (no kidding!) It’s a cellphone with double screen (not like Nintendo): a lcd and e-ink. It looks sweet but a high price of $ 600 dollars which is a regular price for any super high-tech cellphone.

The idea for the e-ink screen is a simple one: save battery. Let’s face it! You have to turn on the screen to check the time, missed calls, etc; and if you are outside, you have to give shade to your phone to see something. This way, all main and important notifications are seen on the e-ink screen which is visible under the sun.

Why is this phone in this blog? Simple, I just want it and e-ink is visible anywhere, so I can use in the classroom to show something simple like a small text, big picture, timer, etc.

Official page right here.

For videos:


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