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Big Scrabble Idea

Before Winter Break, I always do little things so we don’t jump right on 3rd bimester.


This year, I manage to have a week before the Holidays. This year as a review of the dictionary use and just some ‘friendly’ competition (It got really competitive really fast). We played SCRABBLE on the board. Lucky for me, there are a couple of board with metal on the back making them awesome for magnets.


I print them on thick construction paper. (PRINT HERE… Note: there are 2 sheets filled with E because there are 12 tiles in English Scrabble)


A staple here.


Making 4 teams and we played.

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Writing Prompts


This year the whole national educational systems seems to be heading to literacy, not a new or bad plan. We had many lacks. Don’t get me started and I will start crying. Anyway but I am thinking of making my students write journals using Writing Prompts, which are basically ideas to write anything. Seeds to write, if you will.


Searching, I found plenty of webpages and ideas. Just a couple:

I found this super cheap notebooks at $ 6 pesos each. My plan (I hope it works) is use the notebooks and write something super simple like 100 characters (Twitter style) using the Lakeshore calendar, and hopefully go up from there. I cross my fingers and toes.


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Jeopardy, it’s On

I am not fan of game shows but I found this one perfect to make my students make questions. A bit difficult to do naturally.

According to Wikipedia (Please Donate to the website), Jeopardy! is a game show which features a quiz competition in which contestants are presented with general knowledge clues in the form of answers, and must phrase their responses in question form.

For my students I made series of answers or clues from them to write the question using mini white boards that I made last year. I used 4 main categories: movies, music, literature and grammar (related to today’s class).

Some answers were:

  • Demigod, son of Poseidon = Who is Percy Jackson?
  • Duet by Shakira and Rihana = What is Can’t Remember to Forget You?
  • Firebolt = What is the name  Harry Potter’s broom?
  • Eating = What is a gerund?

They had a blast and used this activity for over a month. At sometimes, the feeling of competition was thick on the air. I almost had to separate two teams before they went at each others’ throats.

You can be more creative using a board like this one.

If you have more time and a video projector in your classroom, you can use powerpoint.

If you don’t know how to use powerpoint, I found this webpage to make one easy. Check it out in



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Spelling Bee 2014, Back to Little Ones

Oh we are back again at the anuual Spelling Bee Contest. This year I am working with 1st and 2nd grade, and I am terrified. I still have no clue how to exactly do it like step by step.

Anyway for the time been I have made some flashcards with the 60 and 65 official words.

1st grade

2nd grade

For more info on the matter, check old posts like:


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Morning letters

This a excellent tool to start every day at class.


The idea is to write everyday a letter to the students to read like this one. The students will get and idea about what to expect for the day also to make small comments like holidays, even to review something.


You can work with it for the spelling and reading. After a while students will find the mistakes more easily.

You have to try it at least once .


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math + spelling = scrabble dictation

This activity is not mine, to be honest! I found it here... BUT once upon a time a good teacher friend said once: Teaching is good stealing.

I took the idea and adapt it to fit my needs. The main idea is to practice spelling and make it fun by mixing it with math in the ever classic (personal favorite) Scrabble.

The ways to do it depends on everybody, for me:

  • Dictate and the fastest to get the total, get something.
  • Make students try to write the words/sentences with the most points.
  • Dictate each other for the most points.
  • etc

Printables (click on picture):


Click on image to get it!


Other more

Click on image to get it!



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Rhyme words: Match in pairs

Working on little ones, I realized that they need to see the words alone to see the rhyme, not in a song yet (that’s next class). For 3rd and 4th grade, it’s an easy activity to get confident with rhymes.

As always, this is a good way to learn more vocabulary.


So, I made a printable to use in class. The first time was chaos and didn’t get the idea quickly. The second time, it was so fast that I had spare time (very weird!).


  1. Cut
  2. Make pairs (First after any pasting, otherwise chaos)
  3. Paste
  4. Color and trace words.

To get it, click here


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Spelling Bee Contest 2013 Results

This year, the Spelling Bee Contest took place during a whole week. Before, I have done only the written version (basically dictation) for one day.

We had been preparing for the contest since March slowly with 5 minute dictation and language games. Finally, when the time came, it went smoothly. The schedule was like this:

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were the eliminations for the Oral Contest – Everybody had three chances (one per day) to make points for the semifinals. The points were made for each well spelled word.  For example: l-i-o-n was 4 points and g-r-a-p-e was 5 points. The top 3 (more points) passed to the semifinals.
  • Thursday was the group Written Test – I dictated words to each group. The group with the best average won.
  • Friday – Semifinals and finals for Oral Contest – This day felt like forever. All semifinals did give their best. The final 2 were on sudden death for 20 words and none made a mistake.

Winners, diplomas and awards.


My bulletin board with the names of the 24 semifinalists

I love my bulletin board… I forgot to add the 2013. I was thinking to store it for next year but I started pasting the names and… well, I looks nicer this way. I add in the middle the top 3.

3rd place Oral Contest for 6th grade

3rd place Oral Contest goes for 6th grade

I was totally huge. 9 days from the birth of my daughter. Yes, that’s not clothes’ effect.


2nd place Oral Contest goes also to 6th grade… She was in costume to perform

The diplomas were handed out during the Children’s Day Festival held on Friday, May 3. Kids who wanted to do an act did it. It was awesome. There are some really talented kids.


1st place Oral Contest and Winner of USB flash drive

To make it more appealing, for first place in Oral Contest , I gave the winner to choose the prize: the USB flash drive, $100 amigo kit cellphone card, a ball, a set of paints or tickets to the movies.


Accepting the Group Diploma, the main teacher

The best group with the best average of the Written Contest (pretty much a dictation) were 5B which happens to be last year winners, so 2 years in a roll. They are really good. Their choices of prize were: a ball, chocolates or ice cream for children’s’ Day party. They chose cookies and cream ice cream which they devoured (no picture, I was serving).


Group teachers dressed for the festival

I didn’t dress up like them because I took pictures… well, I was already a pinata.

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Presenting Crosswords

For unit 3, most cycles is about language games. For my 3rd, 5th and 8th graders, I used crosswords. Last year, I did a little post about it named Making Crosswords.

I took a pictures of the best one per grade.

I improved the last year crossword printable.

As a little note, the next week after finishing this project, the textbooks arrived. To my surprise, in the textbook Play and Play 3, there is a similar format to the one I used this year as my printable.



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Mind maps

For my sixth graders in the topic of Reports and Newspapers (UNIT 2), I used mind maps for 3 main reasons:

  1. It’s a simplified form of summaries.
  2. It’s colorful and entertainment.
  3. There is writing but it doesn’t frighten much that writing a summary.

The specific competencies are: Classify and interpret information about a topic of interest to present a report, and Identify and comprehend the main idea on news reports of interest to the community.

What is a mind map?

It’s a diagram to outline information visual.

For more information: wikipedia and a very cool video How to Make a Mind Map

There are three main components which I liked about the mind maps:

  1. Pictures
  2. Colors
  3. Key words (little writing)

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