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I am starting a new chapter

For starters, Happy 4th of July!

Ok, I decided to change to new domain for 3 reasons:

  1. PNIEB has changed its name so many times that I have lost track of it. Nowadays, it’s PRONI. Who knows next year?
  2. I need to make a good cleansing of everything. Some post are sooooo old.
  3. You deserve a new syllabus, a new teacher.

SO check it out!. I am just starting like usual and with 3 children. I am taking all the time I want.

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Lack of Time and Computer


From the hospital crib. One day old baby.

I know I have been out of the picture for some time. Those who know me know the reason. I just had a baby boy 3 weeks ago, my third child. Everything is fine.


Also my computer has been wack lately and with my children hovering around me most of the time, I really don’t have time to sit down and post…


Sorry! I will try my best to get something done but honestly I don’t make any promises. Come on, 3 children under 7 is a task.


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Juan Tonda-participante del EFIT e investigador UNAM: Evaluación Formativa, no sumativa para el despido de docentes

Source: Juan Tonda-participante del EFIT e investigador UNAM: Evaluación Formativa, no sumativa para el despido de docentes

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MUST BUY teaching tool


Over the summer with those mesmerizing BACK TO SCHOOL sales on each supermarket, I saw this on Soriana. I bought one out of curiosity.

VEREDICT: Almost two months and I haven’t finished it. The tip is still good. I still have some ink on the little bottle.

I BOUGHT an extra one on Office Depot where you can find the refill bottle for $22.50 and the whole set too.


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I can’t believe it but after 3 years and several months, I FINALLY reached the 100,000 views. This day goes to history. I have to be thankful to everybody that follows me either by (89) or email (105).

Oldie but goodie

The Queen Bee

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School Year 2015-2016, My 11th year


So, I’m back into business. Well, we all are. I love the excitement and jitters of the first day. Let’s take a deep deep breathe and let’s go for it.



  • Don’t forget to ask for students’ names and try to learn them within the first month. It sounds kind of dumb but we get wrapped into the rules, procedures, materials, diagnostics tests, class objectives that we totally forget to ask their names. It has happened to me.


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Lack of Inspiration


I know I haven’t posted like I used to. After 3 years, I can say honestly, I’m definitely stuck. I appreciate any suggestion or idea to post. Please fill the box

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3 years. OMG! When that happened.

Back in 2012 when people were actually scared of the end of the world, I bought a Nook Tablet which I still owned and still works for my amazement.


I downloaded the WordPress app in the Nook store and I started blogging from than moment to this moment, I haven’t really stopped. Of course, I have taken my vacations and moments of leisure and peace but I have always been here doing something blog-productive.


Now in my 3rd Anniversary. I’m so impress to myself because I am not the kind of person who keeps a commitment for that long, well, only my marriage (7 years and still going strong. Love you, husband!)

So here we are:

  • 323 posts
  • 86 WordPress user followers
  • 88 email followers
  • 72,280 views in 3 years

And like Christina Aguilera said “It keeps gettin better”


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My First Secondary “Baby Chicks”


Last month, I received the awesome news of 4 undergraduate students would spend at week under my wing (so I was the big mama hen), and I took my job very seriously.


Of course, I was excited. I helped them with spare textbooks, the topic for their class  (They had to give one class on our week together).


So it was their first experience as teachers. The day they presented the class. To my surprise, their teacher is an old acquaintance.  She used to be my boss of Elementary eons ago.


Of course, I was in the classroom with them. I wanted to observe and make as many critic comments as possible. Since I only have 3 groups, one of them gave her class with my fellow teacher. I would like to think they had an amazing experience with me.


On their last day with me, I gave them a final test of 5 minute class of any topic. I even got a special judge. Sorry, they are no pictures about it. I must say. My co-judge was tougher that me. I felt like Paula Abdul all sweet and supporting and he was Simon Cowell, cut-throat good.

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Back to School Workshop 2014


Like once a year, at least in our state all Public Elementary English Teachers gathered for a day of gossips and learning, lots of learning. This year the day was on October 1st. There were 3 locations for the North, Central and South regions. Since I am from the central region and the biggest region, we gathered in a hotel.

The course was great. Let’s start from the beginning.



For starters, we have the presence of Dr. Rocio Vargas, co-author of the book ‘Paso a Paso con el PNIEB en las aulas‘ which I mentioned years ago.


Her lecture was great. She only had 90 minutes and she really used them. I think we needed a whole week with her.


Then it was turn of Barbara Field who introduced new material we recieved for our classes.


Since I teach 1st and 2nd grade, I received the preschool package. It’s full of amazing printables with I am already using in my classes and with my son who is a preschooler.


I love the size, layout and images. They are great.


After Barbara, we had lunch. It was great but it took just to long. The line was long.


We even had a visit of the Secretary of Education of the glorious state of Sonora, my state.

Right after lunch the last lecture by a lovely lady whose first name I forgot to write down. Her last name is Rourke. I won’t deny it after lunch, I was falling sleep and her voice was so soothing that I don’t have any pictures. SORRY!


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