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Probably my Craziest Idea so Far


I know we are all stressed out and everything with the new evaluations. There is such lack of information and a lot of gossip… but I am not talking about that.


I was thinking in the terrible amount of work we do at home. Even if you are the laziest teacher ever, you still have some things to do OUTSIDE of your schedule. If you work by hours, you can’t go into the classroom without a lesson plan (GOD FORBID!) and you can’t use your teaching time to plan.

Books/Movies Sagas... easy EFL teaching? Doing some thinking, some answers too

So what is my idea? We should have Saturdays to work on planning and other boring management things and be paid by it.


WHAT? Yes, hear me out. What I mean is ‘let’s go to work on Saturday’ but only paperwork. AND GET PAID.

We are probably the very few professions that take work at home. I was raised by a nurse and she never brought a sick person home. Why can I do the same?


You are probably saying. “BUT I want my Saturdays”. Come on! Let’s face it. At home, it’s a jungle with your home, your spouse and your kids. Do we honestly pay attention to them because we are gradding/planning/scheduling/etc?

I know it’s wishful thinking but I need it to say it.


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Nueva Creacion, now Prof. Gabino Medina


This is the last Elementary of my long one-per-month list that started last year to commemorate my first 10 years of teaching in Elementary and almost 6 in Secondary.


1st Grade

It’s next to the Secondary General 13 and it has been in general a great experience with First and Second grade.

Field Trip

Field Trip

In this school, the peers are supportive and amazing.


Psychology rally

There are always different activities.


Very cute

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Insecurity… Marchs, Tests and Action


This last months, I think INSECURITY is the word to the feeling a lot of teachers have. I am stirring the pot or anything like that. I am not “guerrillera” but I do stand up for what I believe it’s right.


Testing is good if it’s done properly. We all know that. A bad test leads to ‘ambiguous’ results (Testing 101). This year a lot of teachers in the whole country will be in the first wave (then a second and a third) to prove we are worthy of being in our profession. I think the idea it’s good but there is a lot of things unsaid that scared most of us.


Anyway, to show my solidarity I march with my peers in June. There have another marchs but… I have kids and it’s the middle of Summer. Unless it’s at night, I’m not going.


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General 13

Finally, we are reaching the current schools. I have worked in this incredible institution for 2 years and soon starting my 3rd.


My daughter at her first Consejo Tecnico (3 months old)

I love working here. The students, the peers, the authorities are great, though the air conditining is awful.


The Beatles

My students during the first year were the seniors and my kids. I adored them.

3d 3c 3b2011-2014 Seniors


Last year, it was the missing year for me, aka first grade. I love them.


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Alfonso Ortiz Tirado


Once upon a time, I worked in this school pretty much at the end of the city. Honestly, the school ended and there wasn’t anything else (well, back then) in 2011-2012.


It was quite an experience. The students were troublesome, really difficult some. However, I managed it. I enjoyed it. My peers were awesome.


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Tec 6


This is the school I have worked the longest so far, 4 years now. I started back in March, 2011, with one only group, still today.

8th grade my favorite

8th grade my favorite

This is a school of almost 50 years old, almost in the heart of the city itself.

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Fernando Enriquez Enriquez & Amado Nervo


Back in 2011, this was a 6 months thing. When I finally got to return to Hermosillo from Nacozari. I returned in January and it’s really difficult to find an available school in the middle of the year.


I was lucky to get his gig but it was really tiresome. I worked 20 hours in 2 days, so it was 2 school, both shifts from 8 to 6, and I had to travel to Miguel Aleman, which is a town like 40 minutes outside the city and I paid $35 each ride (I don’t know how much it’s now)


That 6 months were different. I liked the environment. I had great coworkers. However, the groups were big and I had 6th and 5th grade which it’s normally challenging grades overall, more when they didn’t have English for more of a year. I basically I had to start over.

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