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Head, Shoulders…

I have always being against using mainstream kids songs. However, I am backing up on my word. I hate to contradict myself. It’s annoying.

Well, I decided to use this song with my Second Graders and it’s really working.

I like this version and my students too. We even watched the video this week and they were singing it and doing the movements.

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The Coolest Alphabet Song Ever

A couple of weeks ago, well, all started… wait from the top. I’m a Jimmy Fallon fan. I follow the Tonight Show channel on YouTube.


Almost at Halloween, Daniel Radcliffe was a guest on the show and he sang a new song for me and it’s totally awesome. (original from the Tonight Show Channel)

Two weeks ago, I used with my students and I told them to write a word for each letter of the alphabet, then I raised the intensity to write 3 words of each letter. Now I am thinking for making each student sing the part of one letter.

I found this one with the lyrics. I used this at class in Computer lab.


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Little Snowflake


Last year, to my shame, I partipated on the Christmas Festival. Why shame? Well, it was last notice and thankfully this was the warmup song of December.

Little Snowflake Video. It’s not a bad song and it reviews part of the body and the kids like it. I made quick signs with the snowflakes and the ribbons and that was it.

I think it of redoing it this year but with more preparation.


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Rhyme words: Match in pairs

Working on little ones, I realized that they need to see the words alone to see the rhyme, not in a song yet (that’s next class). For 3rd and 4th grade, it’s an easy activity to get confident with rhymes.

As always, this is a good way to learn more vocabulary.


So, I made a printable to use in class. The first time was chaos and didn’t get the idea quickly. The second time, it was so fast that I had spare time (very weird!).


  1. Cut
  2. Make pairs (First after any pasting, otherwise chaos)
  3. Paste
  4. Color and trace words.

To get it, click here


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More bullying songs: all about guns

Previously, I posted about Songs about Bullying.

This week, I was in the supermarket and I listened one song in particular. Then on the way back home, I got a blast from the past and remember another song.

Both songs talk about bullying and using guns.

Which songs?

The newest one is Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People. The song is super catchy. Last year, I hummed a lot until I paid attention to the lyrics. There has been a lot of controversy about this song.

YouTube official video here and video with bilingual lyrics


The other one is Jeremy by Pearl Jam. This song is from the 90’s and caused more controversy because it was based in a true event.

YouTube official video here and video with bilingual lyrics

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At almost a year blogging, I realized I haven’t post the most basic and easiest lesson: ABC.

It’s easier to Mexican because it’s the same alphabet and we have heard the song at least once in every preschool show on television.

Our students? Yes, they know the song but sometimes they cannot say the letter separated and randomly. That’s the tricky part.

For printables:

  • Folder ABC. You paste or staple on the folder for easier storage. (No cutting required)
  • Folder ABC version 2. As before, to be glued in a folder. Different pictures, the same as classroom ABC.
  • Classroom ABC I made a bilingual ABC for students to color and paste around the classroom.
  • 1/2 page ABC. The bilingual ABC but now 2 x 1 page. Cool pocket size!

For music (YOUTUBE is awesome and SCHOOLTUBE also):


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Singing Songs… 2012 results

For the first unit, we have to sing songs for 3rd grade, also 4th but differently.

The results were more or less. I took video and for me it’s ok. I could be better if I took more time rehearsing.

The videos are uploaded in SchoolTube (Great if you don’t want the major broadcasting of youtube, also it’s all about schools)


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This is Halloween

This is Halloween is the opening song of Disney’s cult movie Nightmare before Christmas.

It’s the perfect song for this season. I also mentioned in the post Songs for Unit 1

The students have seen the movie at least once on Disney channel and Azteca 7.

You can screen the song with subtitles for singing, if you own the DVD or youtube.

I have a mini book to share for the first part of the song. If the color it and use it to sing like a chrous, they look quite cute!!!!

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Probably the most known song by Mister Michael Jackson. (My mom has the vinyl album somewhere)

Back in 1982, this album “Thriller” was released in November and has sold more of 65 million of copies worldwide (#1Best selling Album from all times) and winner of multiple grammys and awards.

From the album, the single “Thriller” was released in January, 1984 with the most famous music video ever. From 5 minutes of song, the music video lasts 14 minutes. Ok, it’s not a video, it’s a short film.

The video and song have influenced the media and culture for almost 30 years. I am not a MJ fan, but the song is awesome.

As a tribute to the song, a lot of videos for public quick performances known Flashmobs are all around Youtube. This is one I like.From the picture, the girls are around our 5th and 6th graders or maybe they are already on Secondary.

On Jennifer Garner’s movie “13 GOING ON 30“, another tribute is made. In the movie, everybody danced this song because they grew up with it sooooo… they knew the choreography.

My favorite show right now: Glee also made a tribute on their 2nd season. They performed a mash-up of Thriller and Heads will roll (the video is also a tribute to Thriller) by Yeah yeah yeahs. They dressed up as zombies and danced during half time of a very important football game. Youtube video here.

Dance Thriller

So what I am saying… presenting “Thriller” at school could be AWESOME. I have no dancing skills but there are plenty of dance tutorials like this. Also this one


If you have xbox, buy or rent the Michael Jackson the Experience  video game and learn the dance.This girl recorded herself dancing with kinect. This person video looks cool too.

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Rhymes… where?

One of the units for 2nd cycle is about songs and rhymes. The students identify rhymes, stanzas and verses, also sing and hopefully do some songwriting.

You can’t never go wrong with nursery rhymes. Although I don’t get them, they are classics. There are plenty of websites with activities for them, music and lyrics, video,

Sometimes we got stuck and this song really motivates.

To write rhymes I found this awesome and easy website: where you only need imagination, choosing your word and get the rhyming words to select. It’s very simple and you can save as a TXT file, copy to paste elsewhere or print it.

To complement, I did mentioned this before with a post name: Songs for Unit 1

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