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Halloween Bulletin Board

This year, I had to do the monthly bulletin board and it has to be October. I just this month.


Simple, a little spooky and totally cool!

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Trying to Save Falling Students… Science Fair 2015


The All-Subject Project

As it says above, it was Science Day and everybody participated. I thought “I could use this opportunity for my lazy students not to flunk the subject”


I told almost a month in advance. From 19 scheduled projects… only 5 showed up. I wanted to strangle them like Homer on Bart.



Anyway, I did what I could… and I was kind of glad they weren’t a lot of projects. It was kind of crowded.



The once who enjoyed it was my son who was with me that day.



I loved the smell of this one.



The effect of acid rain on plants.

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March-April Bulletin Board


Now, it’s mine. I like a little more cluttered and with lots of help of my students. I made them color all the flowers.


Some things, I printed them on colored paper and just cut, cut, cut

We decided to keep it for April to since Vacations and all that.

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February Bulletin Board


I know it’s almost Abril, but better later than never, right?


This one was made by my peer in the school and I like her simplicity.

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Classroom Rules


As part of one of the proyects of second grades, students have to make a poster with rules.


I normally don’t post my students projects but once in a while it’s okay.


I displayed them outside.


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Snowflake Rally 2015

I finally remembered to do the rally this year. I had been so busy that it just slipped my mind. It was done one windy rainy day and it was actually better than last year.


As usual, I gave them questions to answer.


They ran, jumped, answered questions and all in the shortest time possible.


I held the prizes for the next day, so I could know what to buy. Normally, I use candy bags but I wanted something different.


Two of this team won last year, so they are in row.

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Secondary Rally

I like doing rallies. It’s something fun, to change the pace of the routine.

I somehow ended with an extra day with one of my groups and I gave them 3 choices for that free class: movies, Scrabble or running. They chose running.


This is pretty much the basic route that I use. Simple to follow and watch. For my secondary students, I added a physical challange with the squats, push-ups, crunches and jumps… and they had to run from station to station holding hands. They looked so cute.

Each station had a different set of questions with a really easy cheat code: 1,5 = D. 2, 6 = C. 3, 7= B. 4, 8 = A

If you want to try in your classroom, here it’s the printable for the Rally 2015.

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