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Halloween Bulletin Board

This year, I had to do the monthly bulletin board and it has to be October. I just this month.


Simple, a little spooky and totally cool!

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Trying to Save Falling Students… Science Fair 2015


The All-Subject Project

As it says above, it was Science Day and everybody participated. I thought “I could use this opportunity for my lazy students not to flunk the subject”


I told almost a month in advance. From 19 scheduled projects… only 5 showed up. I wanted to strangle them like Homer on Bart.



Anyway, I did what I could… and I was kind of glad they weren’t a lot of projects. It was kind of crowded.



The once who enjoyed it was my son who was with me that day.



I loved the smell of this one.



The effect of acid rain on plants.

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March-April Bulletin Board


Now, it’s mine. I like a little more cluttered and with lots of help of my students. I made them color all the flowers.


Some things, I printed them on colored paper and just cut, cut, cut

We decided to keep it for April to since Vacations and all that.

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February Bulletin Board


I know it’s almost Abril, but better later than never, right?


This one was made by my peer in the school and I like her simplicity.

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Classroom Rules


As part of one of the proyects of second grades, students have to make a poster with rules.


I normally don’t post my students projects but once in a while it’s okay.


I displayed them outside.


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Snowflake Rally 2015

I finally remembered to do the rally this year. I had been so busy that it just slipped my mind. It was done one windy rainy day and it was actually better than last year.


As usual, I gave them questions to answer.


They ran, jumped, answered questions and all in the shortest time possible.


I held the prizes for the next day, so I could know what to buy. Normally, I use candy bags but I wanted something different.


Two of this team won last year, so they are in row.

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Secondary Rally

I like doing rallies. It’s something fun, to change the pace of the routine.

I somehow ended with an extra day with one of my groups and I gave them 3 choices for that free class: movies, Scrabble or running. They chose running.


This is pretty much the basic route that I use. Simple to follow and watch. For my secondary students, I added a physical challange with the squats, push-ups, crunches and jumps… and they had to run from station to station holding hands. They looked so cute.

Each station had a different set of questions with a really easy cheat code: 1,5 = D. 2, 6 = C. 3, 7= B. 4, 8 = A

If you want to try in your classroom, here it’s the printable for the Rally 2015.

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January Bulletin Board

So again, it’s my turn for the bulletin board. The last time was November and it was really THANKFUL!

This time is so WARM! My Elementary School has 12 classes (2 for each grade), so I made one cup for each class with one book in particular. I have seen students looking at the bulletin board and pointing and talking about the books. So, that’s good.


I like the idea of the cups so much that I did the same for the Secondary in one of the classroom I use more often. As soon as I finished putting the last cup, one student gave me 2 thumbs up, so that’s nice! I’m thinking in giving each student a little star sticker, so they put it on: their favorite book or the one they want to read. I haven’t decided yet.


Note: I used my new dyslexic-free font which I mentioned in a post last week.


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Little Snowflake


Last year, to my shame, I partipated on the Christmas Festival. Why shame? Well, it was last notice and thankfully this was the warmup song of December.

Little Snowflake Video. It’s not a bad song and it reviews part of the body and the kids like it. I made quick signs with the snowflakes and the ribbons and that was it.

I think it of redoing it this year but with more preparation.


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November Bulletin Board


In my elementary, there are two English teachers: Gris and I. We decided to put a bulletin board every other month. I got November and I was really excited.


I made lanterns using the printable in my post Halloween and Day of the Death Lanterns  because Day of Dead is becoming extremely symbolic in USA by the large amount of Mexican-American communities.


I made my students help me with the coloring and it turned out actually really good.


For resources to make it, I used the following:

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