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Play Money, Responsibility and Shopping

The idea is not new, I am afraid but it’s something I haven’t done: give play money to the students in order to buy something at the end of a period like a month, project, bimester, etc.

My 3rd grade secondary EFL teacher did it (16 years ago). They were called pilidollars and we used them at the end of the bimester for a portion of our grade.


Now, it’s my time to do it. I made my play money. (Printable here)


I pasted an envelope in my students hardcover notebooks to keep their money. I gave students one bill after each checked exercise.


I set up a day to put my kiosk. I bought small and cute things to sale. Even made a cashier box to put the money.


I taught how to ask for a price.


It wasn’t so bad. It did motivate some kids to work harder because I had only 12 dollars for each class. However, some students stopped everything at all once they saw there were no more tickets.



Since I had some issues with the dollars like cutting a LOT and lost dollars. I MADE checks with different denominations $1, $2, $3, $4 and $5 and NOW I give them after 5 checked daily classworks. (For play check click here)

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math + spelling = scrabble dictation

This activity is not mine, to be honest! I found it here... BUT once upon a time a good teacher friend said once: Teaching is good stealing.

I took the idea and adapt it to fit my needs. The main idea is to practice spelling and make it fun by mixing it with math in the ever classic (personal favorite) Scrabble.

The ways to do it depends on everybody, for me:

  • Dictate and the fastest to get the total, get something.
  • Make students try to write the words/sentences with the most points.
  • Dictate each other for the most points.
  • etc

Printables (click on picture):


Click on image to get it!


Other more

Click on image to get it!



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Sokikom = Classroom managment + Math

Sokikom is a site for teachers and students. It’s like ClassDojo with a twist: it has MATH games!!!


  • Teachers can take attendance and give behaviors to students.
  • Teachers can obtain behavior reports to print or email.
  • Teachers can track math progress, even play the games to check them out (not so bad by the way!)


Students recieve “cash” for their good behavior to buy clothes for their avatars and play math games to obtain more cash.

Bad side: There is no app yet.

The math program has a free trial for some time (don’t know how long), so you probably will have to pay later ($10 dlls per students or $3,000 for 500 ss). However, I think you can refer it to a teacher friend to expand your free pilot (not completely sure).

It’s worth trying out.

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Math cards

Math is a hard topic to some teachers… students don’t like the subject and don’t want to do anything about it.

A couple of years ago, I make  math cards with small operations to practice reading numbers and make some competition.

The idea is to give a card to each team (I recommend pairs), and each correct answer is a point to the team.

This year, I retake the idea and polish it in 2 versions:

1-20 = easy (for 1st to 3rd grade) and advance (for 4th and up)
21-100 = (for fourth grade and up)

Note: Any error, please let me not to correct it immediately.

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Spin-off of Place Value Number Wheel

I have a great friend who is a math teacher and watching her I had a great idea.

I took the traditional Place Value Number Wheel which oddly I couldn’t find online, the best thing was this one and this picture below.

I changed the number with words to teach parts of speech and learn words for crosswords, hangmand and more language games for UNIT 3 of 3rd graders. However, I did use it one week with all grades.

If you want to make your own, I have the Printable right here. I made a BIG one for me and SMALL one for students.

Note: the colored paper worked as a charm and it was more visually attractive.

This is how it looks mine



Pink is articles. Orange is adjectives. Yellow is colors. Blue is nouns. Green is verbs.


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Learning ordinal numbers – one way

For ordinal numbers, there are a lot of ways to do it. Since Following Instructions Unit was near Christmas. I made a little story to learn First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth… Simple and my students like it.

The printable is HeRe. Just the dotted line and fold.

Read this page and Follow instructions if you want to make a mini book in blank page.

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