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Super Mom


Sometimes, let’s face. We are out of ideas for a holiday. It’s difficult to outbeat yourself or try not to repeat last year. Well, last year, I had an idea and it went okay.


I made a printable, a card for students’ moms. And some corny and cheap earrings. I personally believe it works for all grades, but it’s definitely cuter with the youngest. Let’s face it. As moms, we are all corny.



In paper, it didn’t look that bad. I really believe I was on the right track.



The original idea was to make it in class with my students but I didn’t plan the time right… there wasn’t enought to finish them. We barely did for one group.

CAM00574But they did look good on me. YES, it’s a paper clip.


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Halloween Bulletin Board

This year, I had to do the monthly bulletin board and it has to be October. I just this month.


Simple, a little spooky and totally cool!

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Hail to the Pumpkin King!


Pumpkin season is oficially on. I love the smell and taste of pumpkin pie. I want one so bad right now.


Let´s enjoy the orange, black and wickedness season!

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Let’s Get a Break… an Easter one!

So tomorrow we have the Teachers’ Meeting, thereby today is the last day of class with the students. Let’s go to beach each. Let’s go get away. Have a drink and enjoy the life!


Two weeks of beautiful relaxation which it’s untrue. I only take a couple of days then I start doing planning.


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Three Wise Men

Let’s start this month and back to school with a craft.

Let’s talk about 3 Wise Men. I found this amazing easy craft to start the year on a good note. Let’s paint and decorate the classroom.

The whole idea belongs to Catholic Icing dot com in their post 3 Kings Epiphany Crafts

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Winter Break 2014

Reflexions after a secondary reunion... the diet theory

Winter Break!


Have Yourself a Merry Merry Christmas!

navy peer firework

Happy New Year!


See ya back in January and in 2015.

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First Thanksgiving Story


As I was looking for ideas for my Bulletin Board for November, I came across with a little simple book for kids to coloring. It’s aimed for 2-4 grade of L1 English learners

HOWEVER, I think it’s usable for all the rest of L2 English language to review past tense, culture, holidays, history and I don’t know.

The First Thanksgiving Book


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Mexican Revolution Day 2014


For November 20, our Mexican Revolution Day as English Teacher we might not have an obligation to do something, but I disagree because we teach culture too and it’s a way to contrast our history with US.


Anyway to make this holiday not go unnotice, I made bookmarks for the students. In two version 5 in one page and 2 in one page. Enjoy this printable for Mexican Revolution Bookmarks.


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Halloween and Day of the Death Lanterns


This idea is inspired by something I saw on Pinterest and I had on my PC from years back.

skulllanternPrintables right here, skull lantern and my Jack O’Lantern



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Viva Mexico! 2014


Today most school will do something to celebrate: a breakfast, a parade, a festival, just something.


So tonight, every downtown square will be fully packed with Mexican celebrating our day. Tonight, Miguel Hidalgo yelled to the whole town to raise their weapons (hoe, knives, spears, anything) to fight our way to Independence.


Tomorrow, the militar parade in the morning, no class and relax for me. Have an awesome tonight and day tomorrow!

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