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Super Mom


Sometimes, let’s face. We are out of ideas for a holiday. It’s difficult to outbeat yourself or try not to repeat last year. Well, last year, I had an idea and it went okay.


I made a printable, a card for students’ moms. And some corny and cheap earrings. I personally believe it works for all grades, but it’s definitely cuter with the youngest. Let’s face it. As moms, we are all corny.



In paper, it didn’t look that bad. I really believe I was on the right track.



The original idea was to make it in class with my students but I didn’t plan the time right… there wasn’t enought to finish them. We barely did for one group.

CAM00574But they did look good on me. YES, it’s a paper clip.


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Halloween Bulletin Board

This year, I had to do the monthly bulletin board and it has to be October. I just this month.


Simple, a little spooky and totally cool!

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Hail to the Pumpkin King!


Pumpkin season is oficially on. I love the smell and taste of pumpkin pie. I want one so bad right now.


Let´s enjoy the orange, black and wickedness season!

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Let’s Get a Break… an Easter one!

So tomorrow we have the Teachers’ Meeting, thereby today is the last day of class with the students. Let’s go to beach each. Let’s go get away. Have a drink and enjoy the life!


Two weeks of beautiful relaxation which it’s untrue. I only take a couple of days then I start doing planning.


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Three Wise Men

Let’s start this month and back to school with a craft.

Let’s talk about 3 Wise Men. I found this amazing easy craft to start the year on a good note. Let’s paint and decorate the classroom.

The whole idea belongs to Catholic Icing dot com in their post 3 Kings Epiphany Crafts

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Winter Break 2014

Reflexions after a secondary reunion... the diet theory

Winter Break!


Have Yourself a Merry Merry Christmas!

navy peer firework

Happy New Year!


See ya back in January and in 2015.

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First Thanksgiving Story


As I was looking for ideas for my Bulletin Board for November, I came across with a little simple book for kids to coloring. It’s aimed for 2-4 grade of L1 English learners

HOWEVER, I think it’s usable for all the rest of L2 English language to review past tense, culture, holidays, history and I don’t know.

The First Thanksgiving Book


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