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MUST BUY teaching tool


Over the summer with those mesmerizing BACK TO SCHOOL sales on each supermarket, I saw this on Soriana. I bought one out of curiosity.

VEREDICT: Almost two months and I haven’t finished it. The tip is still good. I still have some ink on the little bottle.

I BOUGHT an extra one on Office Depot where you can find the refill bottle for $22.50 and the whole set too.


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Extra exercises for 2nd Bimester 2nd grade of Secondary

Books/Movies Sagas... easy EFL teaching? Doing some thinking, some answers too

I think the title is self-explanatory. I am getting tougher in teaching practice and I want my students hectic and on their toes… so I made extra exercises to hand out as homework, remedial work or somehow-I-have-spare-time work.

Exercises for 2nd Bimester


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Great News at Edmodo

This year, I finally put in motion using Edmodo as part of my teaching process. I warned my students since the beginning of the school year and from 97 students, 90 have registered.

Anyway, this week I found out with the surprise that you can use Office Online as part of the free apps like in the picture bellow.


What are the advantages of this? in other words: SO?

  • You can create, modify and delete documents, spreedsheets and presentations from your Library (Backpack for students) without downloading and uploading.
  • No need of opening the Office Software.
  • No need of carrying USB flash drive and the ever possibility of catching a virus.

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January Bulletin Board

So again, it’s my turn for the bulletin board. The last time was November and it was really THANKFUL!

This time is so WARM! My Elementary School has 12 classes (2 for each grade), so I made one cup for each class with one book in particular. I have seen students looking at the bulletin board and pointing and talking about the books. So, that’s good.


I like the idea of the cups so much that I did the same for the Secondary in one of the classroom I use more often. As soon as I finished putting the last cup, one student gave me 2 thumbs up, so that’s nice! I’m thinking in giving each student a little star sticker, so they put it on: their favorite book or the one they want to read. I haven’t decided yet.


Note: I used my new dyslexic-free font which I mentioned in a post last week.


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Dyslexie Font

Doing so scrolling on Facebook, I encountered an article on Anne Rice Facebook profile about this webpage. The article is This Man Invented a Font to Help People with Dyslexia Read. Basically, this man Christian made a font with really almost unnoticed differences in each letter but they help others to read better.


If you want to get it for free, you need to fill a simple form and you will receive it by email. It actually looks really good.

So check it out at:




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Three Wise Men

Let’s start this month and back to school with a craft.

Let’s talk about 3 Wise Men. I found this amazing easy craft to start the year on a good note. Let’s paint and decorate the classroom.

The whole idea belongs to Catholic Icing dot com in their post 3 Kings Epiphany Crafts

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My First Secondary “Baby Chicks”


Last month, I received the awesome news of 4 undergraduate students would spend at week under my wing (so I was the big mama hen), and I took my job very seriously.


Of course, I was excited. I helped them with spare textbooks, the topic for their class  (They had to give one class on our week together).


So it was their first experience as teachers. The day they presented the class. To my surprise, their teacher is an old acquaintance.  She used to be my boss of Elementary eons ago.


Of course, I was in the classroom with them. I wanted to observe and make as many critic comments as possible. Since I only have 3 groups, one of them gave her class with my fellow teacher. I would like to think they had an amazing experience with me.


On their last day with me, I gave them a final test of 5 minute class of any topic. I even got a special judge. Sorry, they are no pictures about it. I must say. My co-judge was tougher that me. I felt like Paula Abdul all sweet and supporting and he was Simon Cowell, cut-throat good.

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Calaveras escolares y Cementerio de armatostes pedagógicos

Classic Mexico!

Humberto Cueva - Blog de Maestros de Español


Calaveras escolares 

 Dicen que ronda muy cerca

la huesuda por el salón,

anda de escuela en escuela,

buscando algún profesor.

La parca quiere llevarse

a un maestro de Español,

porque quiere que en el panteón

le enseñe todas las letras.

Desea aprender a escribir ,

¡Sacarse diez en las notas!

Su proyecto no abandona:

¡Que los profesores corran!

La huesuda se los lleva,

si los maestros se descuidan,

¡En las tumbas habrá maestras,

y maestros de Español!


El dos de noviembre llega,
fiesta muy tradicional,
cuando la parca espanta,
y a todos nos quiere cargar.

Hará escala en mi  escuela,
con una idea en su mente,
de llevarse para el panteón,
a todo el personal docente.

Por grado y  de hora en hora
sostenida bien de sus pies,
llevará al cementerio,
al maestro de la hora.

Adiós maestros queridos,
sí los van   a extrañar,
pero unánimes piden ,

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Birthday Lollipops

Last year, I made a huge list of birthdays of all my students to give them just a little something. I found this awesome add in Play called Birthday and I used it on my cellphone to remind me of the dates. There are other but this was simple.

I bought the biggest jar of lollipops.


I made printableto stick to the stick. (This sentence sounds silly)

Lollipop Labels All Together

This is more or less how they look (yeah, right!)

I’m loving this idea for this year. Super cute!


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Before Starting, the Odyssey for Secondary Textbooks

I mentioned before Summer vacations that textbooks arrived in both the Secondary schools where I work. (Read: Ending the School Year on a Good Note)


On the first school day, I snuck in to make inventory and surprise surprise. There weren’t enough books in one school for the whole school population. Actually, not even one shift (that’s the correct word?) for First Grade, not even for 3 classrooms (there are 10 per grade) for Second and Third grade. Sad, sad.  We made the complaint letter, stating the amount of book required, and so on. We are still waiting…



Inmediatelly, I went to the other school to sneak in again. In this inventory, there were plenty of books in 1st grade (which I am teaching this school year) like 250 extra, because they sent from two publisher companies. The extra boxes belonged from two years inventory which got late AS USUAL, so we had the leftover left behind books.

One Laptop per Child in Sonora

So, I had an idea. Of course with permission, I voluntered to help to hand out the textbooks, so I could get hold of those extra boxes.

After 3 days of cleaning, moving, counting, arranging and sweating (the warehouse/laboratory is really big and without proper AC), I obtained 4 boxes (3 textbook and 1 reader) for my 3 groups in the other Secondary. I handed them out and I am quite happy because I will have the 4 first grade groups with the same textbook. Let’s see how it works.


So I will be working with Yes, We Can! 1 Secondary by Richmond. If someone has the audios, please send them to me. Thank you!


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