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Teenage Girls Are Damned If They Sext, Damned If They Don’t

Sad to be a girl. Thank God. I was a teenager in the times before the texting. I got my first cellphone at 20


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Ideas about bullying

This is an easy two-three session topic to talk about bullying.

I took the information from  I just can’t find the exact link again or it’s broken. It’s something I found last year. Sorry, I don’t have the answers for true or false.


I made a bully printable and the students:

  1. get one piece in English or Spanish big strips
  2. then find their partner with the translation piece
  3. in the chart, they write the spanish section by one of them dictating it to the whole class
  4. after that we work if the ideas are true or false using the chart, this is the time and place for discussion on the topic
  5. finally, they choose a idea and make a poster in a sheet of paper.


I used it for my 6th graders and it wasn’t that bad. At least, there was some discussion about the ideas.


The best poster for me. It really portray the idea. I just love this one.

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More bullying songs: all about guns

Previously, I posted about Songs about Bullying.

This week, I was in the supermarket and I listened one song in particular. Then on the way back home, I got a blast from the past and remember another song.

Both songs talk about bullying and using guns.

Which songs?

The newest one is Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People. The song is super catchy. Last year, I hummed a lot until I paid attention to the lyrics. There has been a lot of controversy about this song.

YouTube official video here and video with bilingual lyrics


The other one is Jeremy by Pearl Jam. This song is from the 90’s and caused more controversy because it was based in a true event.

YouTube official video here and video with bilingual lyrics

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Weekly Kid’s Co-op…William’s Doll by Charlotte Zolotow

Totally awesome… I love it!

This is an excellent way to start to teach acceptance, tolerance and all the good things against bullying.

More info about the book

Small Potatoes

“William’s grandmother smiled. “He needs it,” she said, “to hug and to cradle and to take to the park so that when he’s a father like you, he’ll know how to take care of his baby” …” ~William’s Doll by Charlotte Zolotow

Nearly 18 years ago, a very wise woman named Mary introduced me to this book, and it’s been one of my favourites ever since. It’s beautiful at its core and revolutionary for its time. Written in 1972, it tells the story of a young boy who just wants a doll to play with and care for.

Even now in 2012, this notion makes some of us uncomfortable. My question is, why?  Really, what better way to help our little boys learn to be tender and careful fathers, than to encourage this sort of make-believe play?

As Father’s Day approaches this weekend, I decided there was no better time…

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The bad outcome of bullying… Chardon High School Shooting and other horror stories

Today, at the news around the world are showing the tragic story of a high school shooting at Ohio, USA. A bullied boy named T.J. Lane (who until this moment) killed 2 and injured 3, according to Daily Mail UK. The brave action of a teacher who chased the shooter, and more headlines.

Thankfully in our country due to our weapons laws, guns are not soooo easy to get.

After each tragedy like this, questions and debates around bullying and weapons emerge. Already Yahoo has posted a commentary by Paul Rados with this topic.

 Education is the key some say. Improve weapons laws too… overall, violence in school will be the topic of the week. Another blog already is making a psychological profile of this shooting and commenting about violence.

Doing some Googling, I have found some interesting links about like that can be used to approach bullying with 6th graders and all grades in general. Just general information.

  • The tragedy in Columbine was a media circus and after 10 years, USA Today posted an interesting article about what really happened after the dust cleared.
  • A mapping of school violence posted by USA Today where it show an interactive map with the location of the school tragedies during the last 3 decades.

Violence is never the key.

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Bullying songs

For 6th graders, right now this Unit 3 is talking about a school-related topic and how to solve it.

I have the oportunity to check out new publisher books for the Pnieb program (I don’t have in my school, sniff sniff) and I realized that at least 3 publisher aproached this project by bullying.

Since I didn’t want to get involved in copyright issues, I had to get creative soooo I found this page full of anti-bullying songs. I choose

  1. Mean” by Taylor Swift
  2. Welcome to my Life” by Simple plan
  3. F* perfect” by Pink 
  4. Sing” by Chemical Romance (Glee Version – it’s just sounds better) 
  5. Don’t laugh at me” by Baby Jay

Result of this songs with my students: well, they liked the songs but I only used 3, it was maybe a bit too much in one class, next time one per class.

Also there is great information at Stop Bullying

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Story for school-concern topic

Back in September, I broke my head thinking about how to aproach Unit 1, first project. However, I found a webpage for Free PDF Children books in which you can find the stories of Tyrone (Dinosaur bully).

I like TYRONE THE BIG BAD BULLY to aproach bullying and school concern topics, besides students loved the pictures.

My students draw and color the pictures in this photo. This was pasted near the bathroom for the enjoying the other grades, also to show off the new teacher aka me. Sorry for the quality of the picture, I don’t have iphone or high quality cellphone camera.

Also it can totally work on 6th graders this unit 3. For my sixters (watch Terranova ji ji ji) I also took the oportunities to review regular and irregular past verbs.

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