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Lack of Inspiration


I know I haven’t posted like I used to. After 3 years, I can say honestly, I’m definitely stuck. I appreciate any suggestion or idea to post. Please fill the box

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3 years. OMG! When that happened.

Back in 2012 when people were actually scared of the end of the world, I bought a Nook Tablet which I still owned and still works for my amazement.


I downloaded the WordPress app in the Nook store and I started blogging from than moment to this moment, I haven’t really stopped. Of course, I have taken my vacations and moments of leisure and peace but I have always been here doing something blog-productive.


Now in my 3rd Anniversary. I’m so impress to myself because I am not the kind of person who keeps a commitment for that long, well, only my marriage (7 years and still going strong. Love you, husband!)

So here we are:

  • 323 posts
  • 86 WordPress user followers
  • 88 email followers
  • 72,280 views in 3 years

And like Christina Aguilera said “It keeps gettin better”


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Don’t copy and paste that image yet!

I read this… Now, I feel kind of bad.

Technology in the Classroom

Most teachers I know (this includes me) often break the law. No we aren’t knocking over banks, stealing cars or performing identity theft. No, we are strictly small time crooks. What we do, is steal images that have been copyrighted. Yep, we are a truly nefarious bunch but it is nonetheless the law we are breaking and we are supposed to be a good model for our students.

The problem is most teachers have no idea what they’re doing is wrong. They search for images on Google, find one, copy and paste it into their document and have no idea if they are allowed to use it or not. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s there for you.

So how do you know? You want that cute kitten in your newsletter, homework assignment, rubric or class blog but now you’re worried the FBI will swoop down and lock you…

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301th post… a milestone


So the Milestone of the 300, when brave Spartans travelled with one mission… WAIT! Wrong movie!

Reflexions after a secondary reunion... the diet theory

I’m happy to announce, 300 and 1 with this post. I’m so amazed. I can’t remember a lot of things that I have posted over this 2 years and 8 months and counting.

October 2013

November 2013

December 2013

January 2014

February 2014

March 2014

April 2014

May 2014

June 2014

August 2014

September 2014

October 2014

November 2014

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Calaveras escolares y Cementerio de armatostes pedagógicos

Classic Mexico!

Humberto Cueva - Blog de Maestros de Español


Calaveras escolares 

 Dicen que ronda muy cerca

la huesuda por el salón,

anda de escuela en escuela,

buscando algún profesor.

La parca quiere llevarse

a un maestro de Español,

porque quiere que en el panteón

le enseñe todas las letras.

Desea aprender a escribir ,

¡Sacarse diez en las notas!

Su proyecto no abandona:

¡Que los profesores corran!

La huesuda se los lleva,

si los maestros se descuidan,

¡En las tumbas habrá maestras,

y maestros de Español!


El dos de noviembre llega,
fiesta muy tradicional,
cuando la parca espanta,
y a todos nos quiere cargar.

Hará escala en mi  escuela,
con una idea en su mente,
de llevarse para el panteón,
a todo el personal docente.

Por grado y  de hora en hora
sostenida bien de sus pies,
llevará al cementerio,
al maestro de la hora.

Adiós maestros queridos,
sí los van   a extrañar,
pero unánimes piden ,

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A Fellow Blogger: PNIEB Sonora Sur


Over the weekend, actually Saturday morning, I recieved a comment about this blog. I inmediately checked it out and I am glad to receive the comment.


This a great source of scan textbooks and audios from different publisher companies we had received along the years.

Also planning and other news for the Sonora South Region. Even booklets like mine (Really good by the way!)

Kuddos to the blogger to make this amazing blog to help our fellow teachers.

Check it out in

Note: it’s only for Elementary.



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Managing devices in your classroom

Awesome thoughts!

Technology in the Classroom

Going into a school with a BYOD or one to one device program can give teachers a moment of pause and even create a little trepidation or anxiety. There are usually a lot of questions about where to start and how to use these devices which are now so powerful.

One thing to remember is that these devices are tools. A friend of mine told a group of teachers that it should enhance your classroom-not dominate it. So starting with how to manage these devices is a logical place to start. Something to take note of is that I’m not going to be revealing any sacred teaching secrets here. A lot of what I’m going to write about is just good old classroom management techniques. This doesn’t make them any less effect but having dealt with technology in my classroom for the past seven years I know these work and…

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