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A friend of mine retweet this page.

It’s a good idea. It’s an online tool to write books. It uses the engine of wordpress which I am very familiar with, so it’s like blogging.

  • You can add and organize content, also pictures and links.
  • You can publish online (like blogs) or export into PDF and eBook for kindle and nook.
  • The only bad thing is that there are not plenty of choices of fonts and format, unless you customize the CSS (I have not idea how to do that)
  • The best part that it’s free.

I have been using it. It’s looks good.


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Pinterest… a great idea!


For sometime, I was reluctant to sign up at this Social Network. Even though, I have the icon to share in my blog. I wasn’t sure if it was worthy. Well…

That changed.

During the summer, I decided to give it a try because I was looking for a way to have all possible birthday gifts for my son Max. I am not disappointed.


You can sign up from your email or facebook, even twitter.


It’s a very simple way to make a board with links, pictures and videos for any subject. The board can be private for secret projects. Also you can invite people to add pins to your boards (That’s collaborative project!!!)


You can add from your computer, a website or within the social network.


You can follow people or/and boards.


You can check all available pins through categories. Excellent way to find new ideas.

There are outside other social networks of the same nature, propably better ones. However, this one is simple to use and it’s all that matters.

What about teaching?

There are so many great boards and pins with ideas to check it out.


I have made a board with all my posts so far right here.

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Baby Bus

I have a son in preschool. Since I got my tablet, I found the apps from Baby Bus.

If you have an Android tablet/cellphone or ipad/iphone, these are perfect for your kids. The link in Google Play.

In general, there are super awesome also:

  • truly challenging
  • super intuitive for the toddlers and preschoolers
  • plenty of different apps
  • beautiful palette of colors
  • some have option to take pictures and store in albums
  • English-learning opportunities

I must say honestly; thesw apps are awesome

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Nook Tablet living in Mexico, one year later

Last year, I bought my Nook Tablet at Best Buy Tucson.

There is already a new version, sleeker and more improved. Mine is not longer on inventary (out of stock). Sad, sad, sad! That’s the way technology is… every year there is a new model.

I am perfectly fine with mine.

The hardware is powerful enough to do the thing I have to do like blogging, checking email and playing games… yes, also reading.

The software and apps, well, that’s a different story. The Nook Store offers good apps but not plenty and there is a big restriction for Mexico. You can’t purchase everything you heart desires.

My husband also bought the same tablet as me. He is more geeky and patient, so he tried every android operative system that could work on the tablet to stop using the custom factory one.

After months of trying, some crashing and starting over. He manage to find the right verstion to use.  Don’t ask me when and where. He re-configure my tablet too…

And I am very please. I have full access to Google products like Play.

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iPad 4u, 4me, & 4 learning



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Lights, Camera, Learn: SchoolTube Strives to Be YouTube for K-12 Education

Ohhhh… Super cool and it’s one of the free apps on

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Kids and tablets, ipad included briefly

Computer Technology is on us. We cannot deny it or fear it. It has become a part of us.

I love my full Hd tv, my xbox 360, my laptop (bit old but working), my cellphone (not smartphone) and of course my NOOK.

Since I bought my tablet in February, I confirm the new common saying “kids nowadays are born with the chip integrated”.

My boy was 2 1/2 years old back them and used my Nook like a pro (he still does and I am taking about a boy who still doesn’t talk like a pro).

The current trend is tablets for kids, mostly because the parents don’t wanna share (myself included) or are concerned for unauthorized purchases or explicit material.

There are a lot of options for very toy-like to very nicely design.

Christmas is coming, so this is the time to check them out.

  • Kurio Kids Tablet ($200 dlls approx). It looks great. I like the bumper protection, and the HDMI conection to plug it to the TV.

  • Meep ($150 dlls approx). I like the color. There are interesting accesories like a piano, drum set, microphone and others (sold separated). It looks like a great option.

  • Vince Tab II. ($200 dlls approx). Also a great idea, but I really don’t like the cover. I know it’s more practical for small kids to grab it, yet I don’t like it. The specs are great too.

  • Childpad ($140 dlls approx). It’s looks ok. It has good specs and it’s a good choice.

  • Nabi 2 ($200 dlls). I like this one. The spect are ok, and I like Fooz Kids University (for a price, but it look worthy). There is a chore list for kids that parents customized (I like that). Probably, it’s not the one for Mexican buyers, but it looks ok.

More info about kids and tablest, I found this awesome article: Is Total Gadget Inmersion Good or Bad for kids?

For more information on the topic, read the specialized blog about this:

Wait, this is a Teaching ideas blog! There is a teaching approach to this technology.

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