What do you really think of the syllabus?

I´ve been blogging for more that a year. I have recieved really awesome comments and good thoughts personally and online. Thank you by the way!!!

Some of us have been working on the syllabus for over a year with or without textbooks. There are still stuff that puzzles me and other I have figured out already.

I really would love for you to help to get a better idea what do we think.

Please, fill out the form below. Your opinions will be posted below.

  • The idea of products is great! However, I feel that we spend more time working on products that actual learning. Sometimes I feel that the students aren´t learning enought. Alan N
  • What do you really think of the syllabus?: It helps a lot with my lesson plans, we have to follow them anyway.  The books have some good lessos, not all of them, kids love them or hate them….. congrats on all of your accomplishments. Helen
  • What do you really think of the syllabus?: I started in March. My groups had not have taken classes before. They had no vocabulary, nor the minimum knowledge of English. According to the Program I had to start teaching where the program said. So I did that, trying to include as much of the activities from the beginning of the course that, of course, the students had not seen. It was hard. Mainly because of the lack of practice the students had. But I pretty much kept up with the program and finished as planned. I think that having had the complete year, the students would have had a much deeper practice than the one they had. Still, I wanted fun classes, and I feel that´s what we had. I wanted students to feel happy and interested about English and I hope I got it. The program, I feel, mirrors very well what they do in Spanish, and working with the maestros titulares, is always of great benefits to all our action. Also, in my school we had the opportunity to talk among the English teachers about planning and strategies and things to do and not to do, and this was incredibly valuable to me. I close this period happy and with the feeling that working in community with the other teachers is the best way to follow and stay with the program. SonoraTorres
  •  I agree with all the comments below, the products that are listed sometimes are boring for the students, i try to make my class fun, so i have to change some things , also the books not always follow the syllabus… i recently discovered the existence of  the book paso a paso con el PNIEB en las aulas, now im happy to see a guide for the teachers , specially for not very experienced.. thanks for your support to the community of english teachers, hugs =) missvnx

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