Play and Play

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Possitve Comments

  • I do believe “Play and Play” textbooks by Nuevo Mexico are designed according to the NEPBE syllabus and they are based on the most meaningful part of the syllabus which makes them a useful tool. I’d be glad to use them next year as well

Negative Comments

  • This book is good for primary school, but not for preescholar because there are many exercises in which they have to write words in english and that’s not posible because for doing so, they have read before, and they don´t even know how to read.
  • No reading books .. they never arrived!!! CD audio is too fast and does not have a backup. and the teacher manual is not very clear the text is verysmall and does not have a lesson by lesson answers. The books arriveda big book very late, also needs a big book or charts to use in large groups, very large groups, students don´t have cd to practice. Overall, the book seems a collection of a collection of good intentions from several publishers but lacks more of them or to have them since level 1 and maybe it will work, and it does not work with 6th grade, and when at this level we are receiving students from level 1, or students that never have had a single english class….

One response to “Play and Play

  1. victor

    July 19, 2012 at 4:25 am

    I don´t recomend it,because it lacks several materials to introduce our students,and , unless the whole schoolhas been on the same books, maybe there is a chance to have a conitnuous curriculum and it would be appropriate, but, it seems to cover dwhat pnieb needs, but it seems to meit was forced to, I used book 6 and the readings book never arrived, and the teachers book arrived after the students, and the readings were a crucial part, also it lacks phonics, unless as I said before, the whole school is on the same book from level 1, I do not recomend it.


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