Do it!

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Possitve Comments

  • I liked that the book is completely related to the program and also that both (Reader’s and Activity Book) go hand in hand on the topics.  However, I noticed a few mismatches in the cut-out materials, in some of which Ss needed to know vocabulary that is never previously mentioned in the book, making it little practical.
    In general, the book shows a variety of activities, though a few times they are not practical since they include too much new vocabulary or focuss on secondary topics that deviate Ss’ attention.

    I liked the use of real pictures, the color palette is perfect for kids and the audio CD’s worked really well.
    Last year I had Brilliant (Santillana) and I used to suffer all the time in all of the aspects mentioned, Do it! turned out to be a blessing!!
    Very good!

Negative Comments

  • Not yet

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