2nd Homemade Textbook 2016


I finally re-edited this year textbook: HOME edition. Honestly, I didn’t do much, just added the spelling bee section at the beginning and I corrected two mistakes (like in the page below: BALTA is wrong. It should be BALTE). That’s it!


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Flashcards for 1st Grade Textbook 2016

So hello world! I am still busy but not so much for at least one week. My mother in law is on town and I am almost childless.


So, I have finally made the flashcards to go with my fan-praised textbook. It’s black and white so you can color at will or your printer works like that.


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1st Grade Homemade Textbook 2016

I am so proud of myself

I am so proud of myself

I haven´t done many changes in comparison with last year. I only changed the front page and a couple of layouts in other pages.

Ready to start

Ready to start

I ONLY added a spelling bee section with the words used in last year contest.



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Lack of Time and Computer


From the hospital crib. One day old baby.

I know I have been out of the picture for some time. Those who know me know the reason. I just had a baby boy 3 weeks ago, my third child. Everything is fine.


Also my computer has been wack lately and with my children hovering around me most of the time, I really don’t have time to sit down and post…


Sorry! I will try my best to get something done but honestly I don’t make any promises. Come on, 3 children under 7 is a task.


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Super Mom


Sometimes, let’s face. We are out of ideas for a holiday. It’s difficult to outbeat yourself or try not to repeat last year. Well, last year, I had an idea and it went okay.


I made a printable, a card for students’ moms. And some corny and cheap earrings. I personally believe it works for all grades, but it’s definitely cuter with the youngest. Let’s face it. As moms, we are all corny.



In paper, it didn’t look that bad. I really believe I was on the right track.



The original idea was to make it in class with my students but I didn’t plan the time right… there wasn’t enought to finish them. We barely did for one group.

CAM00574But they did look good on me. YES, it’s a paper clip.


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Review workbook for 2nd grade of secondary

I know I have been so distant lately. Well? Lots of lack of inspiration and mostly time… Also I didn’t have anything super cool to share recently.


Anyway, for the 5th bimester, for my sanity I decided to work on some topics that my students have difficulties, also easy ones to review and reinforce their confidence… since the syllabus doesn’t focus on grammar. I know that approach is good but I like to do some easy straightforward grammar exercises. Sometimes it’s necessary.


Sorry, I know the picture it’s kind of blurry but it’s just the idea.

So, if you want to check it out… GO FOR IT… If you are asking, I really like nice size and standard font.





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El idioma inglés en la escuela mexicana.


Humberto Cueva - Blog de Maestros de Español


El idioma inglés en la  escuela mexicana.




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