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CENEVAL Practice


As you well know or… not, 3rd grade Secondary students must take the Ceneval EXAN-1 in order to enter to high school. If it’s not in your state, lucky you!

So I have 3rd grade this year. The last bimesters are difficult because they have their heads on the prom, dress, XV… and CENEVAL.

In order to get some attetion, students and I will review the topics of CENEVAL.

CHECK IT OUT: ceneval-english-practice


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Great News at Edmodo

This year, I finally put in motion using Edmodo as part of my teaching process. I warned my students since the beginning of the school year and from 97 students, 90 have registered.

Anyway, this week I found out with the surprise that you can use Office Online as part of the free apps like in the picture bellow.


What are the advantages of this? in other words: SO?

  • You can create, modify and delete documents, spreedsheets and presentations from your Library (Backpack for students) without downloading and uploading.
  • No need of opening the Office Software.
  • No need of carrying USB flash drive and the ever possibility of catching a virus.

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Diagnostic Test 2015 (Team Effort)

discussionThis year, we really came together as a team to work on the diagnostic test.Sometimes it’s difficult to work like that. Sometimes as teachers we have big egos or lazy bumps.

It was really a team effort. I won’t say that they are perfect, but we probably made changes individually. I did on the format. I didn’t like the headings.



Diagnostic Test Secundary (Not Mine)


This is probably the first time I will publish something NOT MINE. This is something my Teacher Training Chief sent to me last year.

If you are the intellectual author of this, please notify me to make the according changes.



500 Words Story


For a couple of years, BBC Radio 2 (UK radio channel) has a contest for elementary students called 500 Words (Official page). The prize are books for the winner and his/her school.

The idea is amazing and really imaginative. 500 words is enough.

For EFL, you can encourage students to write their own or make listening comprehension exercises with the audios.





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The Coolest Alphabet Song Ever

A couple of weeks ago, well, all started… wait from the top. I’m a Jimmy Fallon fan. I follow the Tonight Show channel on YouTube.


Almost at Halloween, Daniel Radcliffe was a guest on the show and he sang a new song for me and it’s totally awesome. (original from the Tonight Show Channel)

Two weeks ago, I used with my students and I told them to write a word for each letter of the alphabet, then I raised the intensity to write 3 words of each letter. Now I am thinking for making each student sing the part of one letter.

I found this one with the lyrics. I used this at class in Computer lab.


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Yes, We Can! Secondary Review


We received finally more textbooks to replace the deficient supply we received at the beginning of the school year. We got a full load of Yes, We Can Secondary by Richmond.


I must say that I like it a lot. I used All Ready last year and it’s good but sometimes it’s too advanced. Okay, let’s start this review.


  • The audios are quite clear and comprehensible (at least in 1st grade which I taught this year)
  • The textbook is not too heavy.
  • The activitivies are diverse, up to the point and level.
  • The instructions are simple (you wouldn’t believe how many textbook complicate themselves and myself with the instructions)
  • The readers book has texts according to the topic.
  • The color scheme and layout is pleasant to the eye in most of the pages.


  • As always, I have complained that the readers book is in shades of grey (no best-seller novel).
  • The paper quality and binding are not perfect. I am already losing pages by the daily use. They are ungluing.

Overall it’s a good option for a textbook. If you have it, take care of it. If you don’t have. I almost have all the package from the audios, teachers books and I’m scanning the textbooks (1st grade complete). If you want them, send me a comment.


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