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Great News at Edmodo

This year, I finally put in motion using Edmodo as part of my teaching process. I warned my students since the beginning of the school year and from 97 students, 90 have registered.

Anyway, this week I found out with the surprise that you can use Office Online as part of the free apps like in the picture bellow.


What are the advantages of this? in other words: SO?

  • You can create, modify and delete documents, spreedsheets and presentations from your Library (Backpack for students) without downloading and uploading.
  • No need of opening the Office Software.
  • No need of carrying USB flash drive and the ever possibility of catching a virus.

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2nd Gen Pollitos


For a second time, I was blessed to have teachers-in-training. This time, 5 girls of 4th semester (sophomore, right?): Damaris, Reina, Grecia, Ana and Alejandra.


They had 2 weeks with me. First in March, then in May. In March, their topic was really easy: songs. They did in overall great. I was glad they sent me the lesson plan first because their song choice wasn’t going to work. Don’t get me wrong. I love the song but it was before my students were born.


The second week they had a more challenging topic: conditional sentences.

CAM00638 CAM00641

It’s a headache that topic, but they made it work.


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Trying to Save Falling Students… Science Fair 2015


The All-Subject Project

As it says above, it was Science Day and everybody participated. I thought “I could use this opportunity for my lazy students not to flunk the subject”


I told almost a month in advance. From 19 scheduled projects… only 5 showed up. I wanted to strangle them like Homer on Bart.



Anyway, I did what I could… and I was kind of glad they weren’t a lot of projects. It was kind of crowded.



The once who enjoyed it was my son who was with me that day.



I loved the smell of this one.



The effect of acid rain on plants.

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Diagnostic Test 2015 (Team Effort)

discussionThis year, we really came together as a team to work on the diagnostic test.Sometimes it’s difficult to work like that. Sometimes as teachers we have big egos or lazy bumps.

It was really a team effort. I won’t say that they are perfect, but we probably made changes individually. I did on the format. I didn’t like the headings.



Diagnostic Test Secundary (Not Mine)


This is probably the first time I will publish something NOT MINE. This is something my Teacher Training Chief sent to me last year.

If you are the intellectual author of this, please notify me to make the according changes.



Sharing Last Year Lesson Plans – 1st Grade of Secondary

I love that movie!

I love that movie!

I am a little selfish and self-guarded when it comes to my work, like most of us, but I believe in sharing when you are no longer using it, when you tried and you are pleased by the outcome.

Last year, our Teacher Training Boss, Jefe de Enseñanza, asked us to plan by unit and daily. Honestly, I hate daily planning but I have done it for a long time so I can do it.

Note 1: I don´t have the whole weekly thing because we were told in December and I totally forgot the last project.yeswecan03

Note 2: It´s using Yes, We Can 1 as our textbook

Note 3: It´s not perfect. There are hundreds of mistakes.

Note 4: Yes, that´s my whole full and super long name.

Unit 1 Monthly
Unit 2 Monthly Weekly 2b
Unit 3 Monthly Weekly 3a, Weekly 3b
Unit 4 Monthly Weekly 4a, Weekly 4b
Unit 5 Monthly Weekly 5a
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Secondary Rally

I like doing rallies. It’s something fun, to change the pace of the routine.

I somehow ended with an extra day with one of my groups and I gave them 3 choices for that free class: movies, Scrabble or running. They chose running.


This is pretty much the basic route that I use. Simple to follow and watch. For my secondary students, I added a physical challange with the squats, push-ups, crunches and jumps… and they had to run from station to station holding hands. They looked so cute.

Each station had a different set of questions with a really easy cheat code: 1,5 = D. 2, 6 = C. 3, 7= B. 4, 8 = A

If you want to try in your classroom, here it’s the printable for the Rally 2015.

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