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500 Words Story


For a couple of years, BBC Radio 2 (UK radio channel) has a contest for elementary students called 500 Words (Official page). The prize are books for the winner and his/her school.

The idea is amazing and really imaginative. 500 words is enough.

For EFL, you can encourage students to write their own or make listening comprehension exercises with the audios.





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The year was 2010, New School and No Textbook… so I Made my Own


Back in 2010, I moved to Nacozari to work at the Secondary and one Elementary. The Elementary school never had an English teacher before and I assigned to 3rd to 6th grade.

I love that movie!

I love that movie!

Back them, my boss or coordinator, a really cool gal by the way, told me I could use the syllabus back them. THIS WAS BEFORE PNIEB.  I was worried of working from nothing in all 4 grades with minimal English knowledge and still have to fulfill the syllabus.

New planning format

So even back them, I had a brilliant idea. I made a textbook based on the syllabus and it went well. I still have use a couple of things in moments of need. It was only for 6 months since I started working in January.


The idea was once back to School in August, we would use the textbook in that moment with was English Adventure.


I won’t deny it. It served it purpose and it’s not nearly as nice as the one I made this year for 1st and 2nd grade. There a lot of things I would change right now.


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Managing devices in your classroom

Awesome thoughts!

Technology in the Classroom

Going into a school with a BYOD or one to one device program can give teachers a moment of pause and even create a little trepidation or anxiety. There are usually a lot of questions about where to start and how to use these devices which are now so powerful.

One thing to remember is that these devices are tools. A friend of mine told a group of teachers that it should enhance your classroom-not dominate it. So starting with how to manage these devices is a logical place to start. Something to take note of is that I’m not going to be revealing any sacred teaching secrets here. A lot of what I’m going to write about is just good old classroom management techniques. This doesn’t make them any less effect but having dealt with technology in my classroom for the past seven years I know these work and…

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Teenage Girls Are Damned If They Sext, Damned If They Don’t

Sad to be a girl. Thank God. I was a teenager in the times before the texting. I got my first cellphone at 20


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Play and Play – My Textbook Review


This is the first time with the textbooks. I really didn’t use them last school year because:

The books arrived in February (middle of the school year) and I didn’t want to hand them out. I want to start fresh this school year with textbook without worrying when the new batch of textbooks would arrive (March 2014?, gladly the books arrived in late October, so we are cool)

However, I did show the textbooks to the students to get to know them and review how much we have done during the school year so far and what was next.

My very personal opinion of these textbooks is a 8, good but it didn’t rock my world. Like a friend says: “it’s better that nothing”

Note: I am talking of the books from 3rd to 6th grade.

Reader Book

  • The pages are in shades of gray (not that book), so it looks like photocopies of a very colorful book. It’s not very appealing to the eye. There are ways to make black and white look pretty.
  • One reading per product is not enough. I prefer several ones that a big one. For me, it’s more appealing.
  • The vocabulary and grammar level is acceptable. Not to high for them.
  • The images are in total sync with the reading.
  • The art and layout are good. There were good graphic designers and illustrators involved.
  • The font size is very readable, but I would prefer bigger  for lower grades.
  • The readings are simple and entertaining, not mind-blowing but good.
  • The pocket-size is cute and practical to carry (also to misplace)

Activity Book

  • The color looks nice.
  • Each unit is assigned a color and the instructions are in the same color. (Cute but difficult to the eye sometimes)
  • The examples pictures of the products are helpful to get an idea of what is required.
  • The instructions are up to the point.
  • The activities are according to the level.
  • The images are in total sync with the reading.
  • Teamwork and oral practice are encouraged.
  • It’s according to the new syllabus (VERY IMPORTANT)

Teacher Book

  • Awful light blue palette ink, almost impossible to read.
  • It’s ok in general.

Due to laws of intellectual property and such, I cannot show to much of the textbook, just a sneak peek. (Three pages only)



The Rally 2.0


This school year is a new school, new kids and cycle 1. I decided to perform the rally again but with a twist: less words and more visuals. A challenge!


The mechanic didn’t change: a team of 4 will perform a race against time and mental and physical challenges throughout 4 stations about Spanish, Math, English and Mystery

For more info, check last year posts:

Pumpkin Rally 2012
Turkey Rally 2012
Snowflake Rally 2013
Heart Rally 2013

If you want to give a try this school year, the questions that I used last year for:

Note: the key is 1, 6 = A; 2,7 = B; 3,8 = C; 4,9 = D. For 6th grade, the key is attached.


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Arts and Crafts Exhibition 2013

For the Unit 3, second product, the specific competency is Identify and classify information from an illustrated guide to solve a specific problem.


We used instructives to make crafts. At the almost end of the project, I decided to set up an exhibition to showcase the instructives and crafts.


It wasn’t that bad. It was a 200% improvement from the Science Fair back in November. That was good, this was awesome!!!


The crafts are all their own ideas. I just help to write the instructives and set up the exhibition.

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Presenting Crosswords

For unit 3, most cycles is about language games. For my 3rd, 5th and 8th graders, I used crosswords. Last year, I did a little post about it named Making Crosswords.

I took a pictures of the best one per grade.

I improved the last year crossword printable.

As a little note, the next week after finishing this project, the textbooks arrived. To my surprise, in the textbook Play and Play 3, there is a similar format to the one I used this year as my printable.



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For legends, stories and fairy tales, Shrek is the best example…

Why? I has special appearances of pretty much everybody in the known fictional children characters…. BUT only the movies.

In the original story, Shrek! by William Steig (RIP) is a not so different story: there is a donkey, a princess and that Shrek was horrible. It was wrote in 1990 and it’s a not-so-short picture book but quite entertainment.

For class:

  1. First I ask about the movie and the characters in it. (It’s an unending list, by the way)
  2. Then, I read the original story (brief and homemade edition – Printable here.). I found the original book Shrek! with the Copyright watermark in all pages.
  3. Next, we do a Venn diagram of the similitaries and differences.
  4. The rest is up to you…
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Once upon a time…

For children literature, this prime time show is awesome. For more information, wikipedia and imdb know what they are talking about.

Most of our beloved fairy tales mixed up together in an interesting plot. The evil witch casted a curse that send everybody to our world and they are living in a town without knowledge of their previous lives or way to leave town. The daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming is the one who will destroy the curse…

I DID used the first chapter to introduce the topic of children literature for 5th graders to make the second project about magical objects advertising.

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