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Mister Bunny Ears, Easter is here

I found 3 really cute crafts for this holiday.

Easy Easter Crafts: Easter Finger Puppets

easter egg hunt party

Easter baskets – I think I am going to use this one this year.

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Flowers, Bees and Sweetnees: Springtime


This post is merely informative. Really here in my town, we really didn’t have a winter. It has been a very crazy year.

New planning format

I have some good crafts that I have found this year.

This one looks really cute: Caterpillar Turned Butterfly

I like this for my girl students: Fairy Flower Crown

I particularly like this one for my 1st and 2nd graders: Daffodil Pinwheel Craft

Check my last year post: Flower Time


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BM 03/2014: Small Potatoes


My Small Potatoes

Two years ago in the beginning of blogging, I found Arlee. I am still totally mesmerized by her post. She is the mother and teacher I want to be. Her posts are full of beautiful photographs, amazing art ideas and just mind-blowing things to use with toddlers and preschoolers.

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Spelling Bee 2014, Back to Little Ones

Oh we are back again at the anuual Spelling Bee Contest. This year I am working with 1st and 2nd grade, and I am terrified. I still have no clue how to exactly do it like step by step.

Anyway for the time been I have made some flashcards with the 60 and 65 official words.

1st grade

2nd grade

For more info on the matter, check old posts like:


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Valentine’s Day 2014

The most red and pink  celebration. Since I am back to the young kids, I had to search high and low looking for the perfect and unexpensive activity for them.

I found a couple of ideas such as:


I found this one at the post:  15 Valentine’s day Craft ideas for Kids and Teens! and in Le Valentines DIY: Lip and Mustache Lollipop Valentines


This one looks cute but a bit challenging for small kids. Have extras in case. Courtesy of: Twirly Heart Mobile

More ideas, check previous posts:

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BM 02/2014: Matt Gomez


Continuing with my new section: The blogger of the Month.

Now it’s the turn for Matt Gomez. This is the kind of guy that I like, tech savvy and good with children. He is a kindergarten teacher with tons of great ideas from Apps to traning. He is also loves to give presentations all around USA.

His blog is very good and I have taken some ideas.

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A little something to start 1st grade, say HELLO

Hello! That’s the way to start first grade and any grade.

For first grades and preschoolers, writing is a super difficult task. There are still getting how to hold the pencil. So, copying from the board is out of question yet. The answer… tracing!

Also to start the idea is learn how to say HELLO, GOODBYE, WHAT’S YOUR NAME? WHO ARE YOU?… simple courtesy.

To get started: printables right here

Enough for a week of work. Enjoy!

By the way, Thank you. New  record of views.

record views

PS. I just realized (15:45) that you might need the font for the printable, otherwise it will look like Times New Roman or something similar. Download it here and unzipped in your FONTS folder. It should be on c://Windows/fonts or perform a search for the FONTS folder.

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