Finally, Kindle in my hometown

24 Sep

As a bookwork-bookeater since Harry Potter 4 back in 1999, I had found myself without room for more books. Thereby, I had to take a different approach to keep my reading addiction.


In 2010, I was lucky enough to go to Tucson and bought a Kindle in $125 dollars and for a while I was really really happy. I easily read like 20 books before the keyboard got stock. Luckly, my father conviced me to buy an insurance and I got my money back no questions asked. I used the money to buy a tablet and for a while everything was right in the world.


It wasn’t until 2013 when the itch started to ache again and I wanted an e-reader again. So I went to Tucson on the Black Friday and I bought Nook Simple Touch… well, not only one but 2. The other one was for another bookeater: my niece. Well, it was in $ 40 dollars each. (Sadly no longer in existence)


Last year (2014), I returned to the Black Friday with the whole intention of buying lots of clothes and also the newest Kindle for $50 dlls (wifi with special offers… great deal!) I am extremely pleased with my Kindle and I love the dictionary features. A student bought one too and we got our covers together.


Last week, I went to my local Sam’s Club and I just ran into this. A Kindle stand, right here in Mexico. (HURRAY!!!)


It’s the Paperwhite version that glows in the dark and it costs $ 120 dollars or $2,399 pesos in and Sam’s Club.

Since it’s Sam’s Club, you can buy in interest-less monthly payment using your credit cart. It might sound a little pricy but I had squeezed each cent.

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