Diagnostic Test 2015 (Team Effort)

03 Sep

discussionThis year, we really came together as a team to work on the diagnostic test.Sometimes it’s difficult to work like that. Sometimes as teachers we have big egos or lazy bumps.

It was really a team effort. I won’t say that they are perfect, but we probably made changes individually. I did on the format. I didn’t like the headings.



One response to “Diagnostic Test 2015 (Team Effort)

  1. Jorge Alfredo Serna Soberanis

    July 19, 2016 at 8:36 am

    Well, Thanks for this great Information ,is good to know information like this but I’m disagree because I’m an English Teacher in secondary and in our community the Students from Kinder Garden and Elementary School don’t recieve English classes C1, C2 and C4 yet. And they just start the English Class in Secondary. We will start with a short program to try to level the students, but in our experiences. Not all the students get to level according with the C4 PNIEB.
    that’s the real contact with our students. and if you add that the students don’t like the languague. they just don’t take the class seriously but we never give up and try to get involve and we wake up their Interest.I’ll receive any suggestion from you Thanks have a good day.


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