Fernando Enriquez Enriquez & Amado Nervo

01 Apr


Back in 2011, this was a 6 months thing. When I finally got to return to Hermosillo from Nacozari. I returned in January and it’s really difficult to find an available school in the middle of the year.


I was lucky to get his gig but it was really tiresome. I worked 20 hours in 2 days, so it was 2 school, both shifts from 8 to 6, and I had to travel to Miguel Aleman, which is a town like 40 minutes outside the city and I paid $35 each ride (I don’t know how much it’s now)


That 6 months were different. I liked the environment. I had great coworkers. However, the groups were big and I had 6th and 5th grade which it’s normally challenging grades overall, more when they didn’t have English for more of a year. I basically I had to start over.

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One response to “Fernando Enriquez Enriquez & Amado Nervo

  1. Helen

    April 1, 2015 at 7:47 am

    thanks for sharing your stories with us…..


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