I take it back… I love the Kindle too

26 Jan


Okay. I know I said the Nook Simple Touch was better. I still think the same because the practibility of EPUB format, and that’s it. I am probably hearing some ‘Judas’ in my back.


My husband got me a Kindle (7th Gen) for Christmas and he heritage my Nook. We are now reading together at bed at night. So cute!

For a month, I have been debating myself whether to talk about it or not.

Well, I got now the $79 version (Wifi, ads included). The overall format is pretty much like the Nook in terms of font, size and margins.

Advantages than my lovely beloved Nook:

  • Goodreads. I’m not a fan of this social network but it’s good to have it… just in case.
  • The ads. This is a depends. I like that I can personalize the screen savers in the Nook (You can’t on the Kindle), but the ads sometimes have really good offers or suggestions.
  • Dictionaries. I love the dictionaries, free, handy and bilingual included (I have my English-Spanish, RAE and Oxford)
  • Translation. You select a section in a book and you can translate to a lot of different languages. It’s handy to have fun of the translations made by the kindle.
  • Multilingual support. As Kindle is for an international audience, you can customize to a lot of different languages. I mostly use it in English but I sometimes switch it to French or Japanese just for the kicks.

OVERALL, If you are going to buy a e-reader, Kindle doesn’t disappoint. They are not making Nook Simple Touch anymore, so there are not exactly other choice unless you want a Kobo or Sony Reader which are a little more difficult to find in Mexico. The books in the Amazon store are sometimes cheap, or free. There are deals everyday. On the other resources, it’s difficult to find some titles.

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