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04 Dec


If you haven’t noticed, I’m an avid reader, completely obsessed with Percy Jackson lately, but that’s for later.


Anyway, when it comes to Nook vs Kindle. I believe in the power of Barnes and Noble, though they are losing the battle against Amazon. This year, the current models are the Nook Glowlight by Barnes and Noble ($119) while in Amazon we have the Kindle Basic ($79 or $99), Kindle Paperwhite ($119, $139, $189 or $209) and Kindle Voyage ($199, $219, $269 or $289).kindle

You are probably thinking that I’m completely biased, well, not. I had a Kindle back in 2011, so I know what I am talking about.


Both products are really good to read. I don’t deny their hardware, firmware and software. Both are amazing to buy, to read and enjoy… and they just don’t disappoint you at all.

HOWEVER… Why do I like Nook better? Mostly, only because one single fact because it’s easiest to find EPUB books files around the web.

I don’t deny the price of the cheapest Kindle model of $79 is super really appealing but I am still sticking up to B&N. However, if you want to buy me one, I won’t say NO.

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