My First Secondary “Baby Chicks”

03 Nov


Last month, I received the awesome news of 4 undergraduate students would spend at week under my wing (so I was the big mama hen), and I took my job very seriously.


Of course, I was excited. I helped them with spare textbooks, the topic for their class  (They had to give one class on our week together).


So it was their first experience as teachers. The day they presented the class. To my surprise, their teacher is an old acquaintance.  She used to be my boss of Elementary eons ago.


Of course, I was in the classroom with them. I wanted to observe and make as many critic comments as possible. Since I only have 3 groups, one of them gave her class with my fellow teacher. I would like to think they had an amazing experience with me.


On their last day with me, I gave them a final test of 5 minute class of any topic. I even got a special judge. Sorry, they are no pictures about it. I must say. My co-judge was tougher that me. I felt like Paula Abdul all sweet and supporting and he was Simon Cowell, cut-throat good.

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