Writing Prompts

13 Oct


This year the whole national educational systems seems to be heading to literacy, not a new or bad plan. We had many lacks. Don’t get me started and I will start crying. Anyway but I am thinking of making my students write journals using Writing Prompts, which are basically ideas to write anything. Seeds to write, if you will.


Searching, I found plenty of webpages and ideas. Just a couple:

I found this super cheap notebooks at $ 6 pesos each. My plan (I hope it works) is use the notebooks and write something super simple like 100 characters (Twitter style) using the Lakeshore calendar, and hopefully go up from there. I cross my fingers and toes.


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2 responses to “Writing Prompts

  1. Martha

    August 27, 2016 at 10:04 am

    hello! I´m Martha Ortiz and I´m an English teacher in Chihuahua. i´m looking for the conversations from the audios, I need them because it is important that my students read and listen. Somebody can help me please? Its the book of 3rd grade 😉


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