Sharing a Second Grade Textbook (Unit 5 and complete)

10 Oct


As my Second grade moms requested, I am on this. I am revising everything. I really wanted to this over the next summer… whatever.

I still don’t like 2nd grade syllabus. It feels weird. I see the books and I really don’t understand a lot of things. Well, I did my best. I will use this year and polish for next year.

For this fifth unit, I only made one project. I really don’t like project 5A because Second Graders don’t see America Geography until later. I retook the project 5A of First Grade which I didn’t do in the First Grade textbook for two reasons:

  1. Geography of Mexico is coming next.
  2. I felt it was important to see it.

To download, please click here for Unit 5 and click here for the WHOLE thing.


  1. Homemade and not affiliated to a publisher house.
  2. The images are from the Internet. I apologize in advance.
  3. It’s made in black and white to let students color.
  4. If any big mistake, please tell me soon before I go to the copy shop.
  5. I checked 3 different textbook to assemble this.
  6. I am not getting a single cent for this. I lost hours doing mom work for this. Don’t remind me.
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