Vicente Lombardo

01 Oct

People waiting in line

In 2008, there was a big re-arrangement in which pretty much every single English teacher changed his/her Elementary school.  The mechanic was the following. Everybody was ranked. The higher you were, better the options, of course.

I was one of the firsts and I got there the day I was supposed and I started to chat because I was early. Well, during my chatting, I lost my school for 3 years.  It happens.

So I had to check the list of available things and I chose two schools which meant more classes, more money, and closer to where I was currently living since I was a newlywed.

6th grade Camp in 2009

6th grade Camp in 2009

Thereby, I started working in Vicente Lombardo in the north part of the city. I worked here for 1 year in a half with 3rd, 4th and 5th. Exactly from Sept 2008 to Dic 2009. This school was in those moments very packed, most classrooms had from 35 to 45 students each. Really exhausting!

This was one of the most challenging school I had worked in, because of the large amount of students and difficult parents. I had a fifth grade class, really awful. The principal had complains of them daily. Regardless all, my teacher peers were amazing.


During my time here, I got pregnant and had my son Max.


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2 responses to “Vicente Lombardo

  1. Helen

    October 1, 2014 at 7:04 am

    something good came out of that stay……….. hugs


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