Even more to share: 1st grade textbook (Unit 4-5)

22 Sep


This is still homemade. It’s not affiliated to any publisher house or something like that. I don’t have intellectual property in most of the images and pictures here. It’s for educational purposes and I am NOT obtaining any income for this. Actually, I’m losing time with my kids and sleep hours.


For the PDF file, please CLICK HERE FOR UNIT 4 and CLICK HERE FOR UNIT 5. Please read the NOTES BELOW.

If you got tired of the parts… Here it is the final complete thing (this one has changes on the final draft = 113 pages of sheer awesomeness)

Recommendations and notes (same as before):

  1. It’s meant to be black and white so the kids can color. It’s therapeutic and it helps them with the fine motor skills.
  2. It’s for both side of the page. You have to save trees.
  3. It’s not in any moment a replacement of your current textbook (at least not officially). You can use it as workbook, or homework book.
  4. If you are wondering, I check for different 5 textbooks (a friend lent me another) to make it, also what happened last year into consideration to make this textbook.
  5. It’s not perfect. Any error, mistake, omission or such, please notice me.
  6. If you are teaching 2nd grade for the first time and last year your students didn’t have English, you can totally use it. Most of the achievements are really similar in both grades.
  7. If you share it, just mention me. I would hate that this comes back to my hands in a CD for sell or something like that. Oh, all right then!
  8. Any doubts, send me a comment with email if you are not subscribed to my blog.
  9. If you are wondering why the page numbers go from 1-20, well, those are the one they should learn and it’s better to take out copies. I think. I don’t know really.
  10. For unit 5, I must be honest. I had never done the last project in years. It’s never time to finish, so I do a review instead of project, SO there is no 5A. Why? Because I felt it was more important project 5B than 5A.
  11. You need the audio for one lesson. It’s right here in unit 4.
  12. You will need a song called Working with no rest in unit 5.

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3 responses to “Even more to share: 1st grade textbook (Unit 4-5)

  1. Helen

    September 22, 2014 at 6:05 am

    Thanks so much for sharing Ale! this is an awesome job.. and I am using it! thank you again………

  2. claudia

    September 22, 2014 at 6:31 am

    Hola de casualidad tendra algo de ciclo 4 porfavor y gracias
    Excelente link


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