Diagnostic Test 1st grade (sec)

22 Aug


Over the last two weeks, I had received emails and Facebook notifications in groups about diagnostic tests. They are all great. I am not saying that they are not. However, at least in 1st grade these tests are not meant for the reality of things.

“What? But the new syllabus, their elementary education bla bla” said a couple of really shocked readers, incluiding myself.

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Hear me out first. At least in Hermosillo (my hometown), EFL in Elementary is really far from completely covered. There are a lot of schools without teachers in the whole 6 grades. Some students only had an English teacher one or two years. Some never had an English teacher in Elementary, so they come to us in Secondary, greener than the neighbors’ grass.

How do I know? Well, I am a English teacher working in Elementary. I have been the teacher who only stayed a year in an Elementary  school and they wasn’t one previous or after me. I know most of the English teachers in Elementary and when we get together we complain that this classroom doesn’t have English classes, my replacement left, in my former school and so on.


So… I have totally loved the diagnostic tests you have sent to me. I have read them and took ideas back and forth. However, of course, I made my own and I share it like usual. Check it out: Diagnostic Test 1st Grade. I think this is the first test I have ever shared, so I am really proud of this. I think is worth re-use it next year.

Note: I focused in 5 things I consider important: school supplies, classroom orders, numbers, personal information and spelling. If they had English in Elementary, most English teachers do the Spelling Bee Contest (as you might seen in a lot of previous posts)

Also, over my summer on Pinterest (amazing!), I found this could idea to collect data. I don’t know if it’s new, old, known or unknown. I found it super really cool.


I asked students to (of course) answer the multiple choice test and fill the squares.


I cut the squares in strips. I pasted them with a lot of concentration over my TV show.


I took my ever faithfull highlighter and started marking the “Opportunities areas”. When you see the finished product, well, you ended out seeing letters, maybe a pictures, but also you can clearly see where you can work on easily both individually and in general by question. Low-Tech for everybody.


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3 responses to “Diagnostic Test 1st grade (sec)

  1. Deya Robles

    August 22, 2014 at 4:42 pm

    Ok. you had me at diagnostic test hahaha but won my soul over the data strings :O thanks

    • Teacher Ale

      August 22, 2014 at 4:44 pm

      I was sold when I saw the data strings too… so simple, perfect and I was like “Why I didn’t think it before?”


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