When Lightning Strikes

04 Aug

Totally cute!

Confessions of a Pop Culture Fanatic


I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think. – Socrates

When I’m not busy thinking deep, geeky thoughts about why the DC “Cinematic Universe” (with sarcasm quotes because they have ONE mediocre movie, some Amazonian concept art, a rumor of Aquaman who isn’t even Vincent Chase… and Ben Affleck in a cowl) can’t get its act together as tightly as they have over at Marvel, I keep myself occupied teaching middle school social studies and attempting to keep the collapse of Western Civilization at bay for a few more decades by beseeching my young charges to “READ a freakin’ BOOK!! A fairy tale!! A comic book, ANYTHING!!”

Sometimes, I get sneaky and I compel them to read. For actual, academic credit. And when I’m feeling especially subversive – I get them to LIKE it.

Now, I can’t take complete credit for this: I have a willing collaborator…

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