19 May

I love that movie!

I’m a obsessed person. When I get caught up with something, it takes a lot to shake it off. I know me so I do small projects to keep the ache to a minimal level. I cannot get myself in something big and long. It drives me crazy!!!


Teaching is my longest obsession almost 9 years. I love to think what, how and when to do it. I love thinking in extra projects… I totally love making material. I could spend all my teaching years doing that.

Books/Movies Sagas... easy EFL teaching? Doing some thinking, some answers too

This blog is another, 2 years but it’s lowering. I am not as stressed as before. I don’t check stats every 2 hours. I not longer stay up at night thinking new topics or checking new pages to recommend.


My new obsession, but old also, is literature. I’ve reading like crazy since I started teaching 9th grade. I am in a school where my students read. Where we have discussion about Twilight, Harry Potter, Mortal Instruments, etc. Where I have to fight which character is going to die in The Blood of Olympus. Frank is going down… If my students don’t want class, they just need to ask me something about Percy Jackson and I start rambling. Don’t you ever remaining about the movies?

Natural disaster

The worst part of this new-obsession. It’s that I got into writing. I have always written. I’m terrible but I love it. I’m so sorry but I have been writing non-stopping for 3 months, over 200,000 words in several stories. And the most terrible part is… I am not going to stop right now. I have to take it all out of my system.


The reason for this post. It’s because I know I have been slacking up in my blog. I’m sorry. I will get in shape once I am done with my literacy obsession.


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3 responses to “Obsession

  1. Ed To

    May 19, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    Better jet, share your writing girl!!!


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