Black, White or Green Board Basic Usage

08 May


After years of teaching and an increible Classroom Technology teacher, these are basic tips:

  • Size of letters: for  students maybe 5 cm or 2 inches.
  • Handwriting: I have terrible handwriting but I have to use my best for teaching. You have no excuse to not use your best one. If you don’t want to use slides or transparencies.
  • Orientation: Unless you are teaching Arabic, Chinese or Japanese; you have to write from top to bottom and left to right. It sounds ridiculous to even mention this, but you would be surprised how many of us forget that.
  • Layout: If you planning to write a lot, clear your space. Otherwise it gets super crowded. If you are one of those teachers who love to make notes on the sides, PLEASE make them on the sides. Please draw a line to separate and write NOTES on the top.
  • Erasing or not?: If you don’t need it, erase it. A clear surface, help you to clear your ideas too. Besides, in some whiteboards if you let the marker stay to much, it gets stained.
  • Sharing?: Sometimes, we share classroom and someone doesn’t want you to erase. You have to talk to the other teacher. There is not other way unless you bring your own board.


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