Sistema Nacional de Registro Profesional Docente 2014

28 Apr

People waiting in line

The new test for new teachers in public school is here. The name has changed from Concurso Nacional para el Otorgamiento de Plazas Docentes to the mouthful that it’s the title of this post.

For 6 editions since 2008 to last year, the national test gave a permanent position for many teachers, myself included. The competition is fierce and spots are fewer, specially for Secondary.

There has been changes over the years:

  • 2009 in the Second edition, non-Normal teachers were able to do the test (THAT’S HOW I SNUCK IN)
  • 2010, in the Third Edition, only-Normal teachers were able and this went on for a couple of editions.
  • 2014, the name and the rules changes = everybody can do it as long as their University diploma allows them, High School is included and more importantly.

This year, apparently (please tell me otherwise):

  • It’s only for new teachers.
  • For Sonora, there is still no English teaching in Preschool and Elementary (years in DF)
  • For DF, there are 3,192 hours in Preschool English and 14,847 hours in Elementary English. Also BC with 397 (Elementary Only)  So furious right now!
  • There are no hours in High School in Sonora, so don’t brother to check it out. If you want to, click CECYTES, COBACH, and CONALEP

Please check out in Sistema Nacional de Registro Profesional Docente 2014, the Sonora chapters for Normalists (45 hours for English) and Open (45 hours for English)



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4 responses to “Sistema Nacional de Registro Profesional Docente 2014

  1. achulin

    April 28, 2014 at 8:31 am

  2. Esther Cota

    April 28, 2014 at 11:41 am

    Hola teacher,

    fíjese que en mi estado (Baja California) estamos estrenando plazas de inglés en primaria =)
    Se ofertan pocas, pero por algo se empieza.



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