10 Things Never Leave My bags

10 Apr

After years of teaching, I have learned to keep things as simple as possible. Of course, I get a little over board like everybody. However, at least this year without a permanent office and moving around a lot. I have some items with me all the time besides students lists, textbooks and lesson plans.


1. Tape. You already know it because I wrote a poem about how in love I am with tape, but I love the thick one used for movings.


2. Rubber bands. To make groups of little cut-outs. Also for rolling posters and papers.


3. Highlighter. To mark the absents.


4. 1-20 Numbers Flashcards. For quick mini bingo games.


5. Mini white boards. For games, reviews or when you got no classroom and you still need to give your class.


6. Scissors. Just because no teacher can’t live without it.


7. Stapler. Savior when you ran out of tape and glue, perfect for little notes for parents on their kids’ clothes. Last year I bought a good sturdy expensive one. Totally worth it!


8. Markers for whiteboard and poster, even a Sharpie. To write on any surface.


9. Music Player. I bought this beauty last year 1/2 price on Office Depot. You need to plug it to get louder sound. It’s small and practical since I have all the audios of the textbooks I use. Of course, a more powerfull one would be better, but that’s also an strategy to make students really pay atention.


10. Pencil Bag/Eraser. I bought a set of crayons for whiteboard and this “glove” came to erase. Well, I use it to store my pencis, markers, etc also to erase.

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