Play Money, Responsibility and Shopping

13 Mar

The idea is not new, I am afraid but it’s something I haven’t done: give play money to the students in order to buy something at the end of a period like a month, project, bimester, etc.

My 3rd grade secondary EFL teacher did it (16 years ago). They were called pilidollars and we used them at the end of the bimester for a portion of our grade.


Now, it’s my time to do it. I made my play money. (Printable here)


I pasted an envelope in my students hardcover notebooks to keep their money. I gave students one bill after each checked exercise.


I set up a day to put my kiosk. I bought small and cute things to sale. Even made a cashier box to put the money.


I taught how to ask for a price.


It wasn’t so bad. It did motivate some kids to work harder because I had only 12 dollars for each class. However, some students stopped everything at all once they saw there were no more tickets.



Since I had some issues with the dollars like cutting a LOT and lost dollars. I MADE checks with different denominations $1, $2, $3, $4 and $5 and NOW I give them after 5 checked daily classworks. (For play check click here)

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