PNIEB and Conaliteg, 2014 edition

21 Feb

Reflexions after a secondary reunion... the diet theory

Back again to the time to select the textbook for next school year. For third year in row, we have the opportunity to select the book according to the syllabus 2006, not 2011. Hurray! (BIG sarcasm sign) Well, acording to the list that my coordinator showed to me.


I have very elocuent in the matter in previous posts like:

I really thought that this year was the year. Well, good luck next year.


If you are going to pick your old-fashion textbook, please check: Selecting a textbook

3/14/14 NEWS: I found out today. That at least in my schools. NO English teacher will have the opportunity to choose. We are locked on the system. I asked around and apparently everybody will get the same book.

And the plot has just thickened…

Someone told me that PNIEB textbooks will arrive directly and my two schools are on the list… OMG! New textbook on August hopefully.

According to my source, the textbooks to arrive are

  • All Ready – Editorial Macmillan (known and used in copies)
  • Brilliant Teens – Editorial Santillana
  • Teens Club – Editorial Castillo (seen and looks OK)

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2 responses to “PNIEB and Conaliteg, 2014 edition

  1. Carminia Castillo

    March 9, 2015 at 3:55 pm

    Hi there, are you sure those books are going to be delivered in all states ? I´m working with Brillian Teens and I don´t like it at all. It has big instructions and boring pictures… i´m really worried about the textbook we will get next year… i´m going to check this last link because my ccordinator told us we can´t choose english books in conaliteg.. regards.

    Carminia Castillo , Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.


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