Planning in Secondary, a big reflection and roundup

23 Jan

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I love my visits in the posts about planing, specifically those clicks on my lesson plans. No kidding! I understand the difficulties on the topic, something so important and yet so complicated. (Related posts: Reflexions after a secondary reunion and New Planning Format)


Having the textbooks helps a lot, especially if you choose it to fit your students. (check my post: Selecting a textbook).

However, only a couple of schools have updated textbooks in the trail version. Most of us, don’t. (Check posts: PNIEB and Conaliteg, PNIEB and Conaliteg, 2013 edition)


Through influences some have textbooks only one for the teacher, the students go to get copies. That’s the way we are working at school #2. (check post: All Right! 2 – My textbook review)

Last year in my #1 Secondary, we worked (I mean: me) using the syllabus and use printables made by me, which I shared on:


This year, we received a note from the supervisor to work with old syllabus since we have old syllabus textbooks. Honestly, I felt betrayed. All year trying and working with the new syllabus and I wasn’t listened or cared by some peers. OK by me, even better I have all for the school year, ha ha ha.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder it could be less stressing if I justgot the lesson plan from someone, follow it and sleep at night. Kidding!, that’s not my style. Even with a textbook, I like to make extra activities. (Check post: Lacking textbook)

Honestly #2, I like to plan by myself. When I just started in Secondary, I bought a planning book ($150 pesos) which I didn’t like and ended up planning all anyway. There wasn’t anything helpful in that book. It was the same that reading the syllabus.

If you want to check out other lesson plans very general too but yet more helpful than that book that I bought a long time a go. Check this 3 places:

  • Programa de Ingles del DF. It has all grades. I like the suggested activities at the second page of each lesson plan.
  • PNIEB Coahuila. I don’t like the format but it has activities, vocabulary and structures which is very helpful to focus on.
  • Planeaciones de Secundaria OLX. This is for sale. It looks interesting. I would buy it if several pitch in.

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