Cellphone + Tablet + e-ink = OMG!

16 Jan

For at least 6 months, I’d been waiting for this new cellphone: YOTA PHONE. Made by a Russian company named Yota (no kidding!) It’s a cellphone with double screen (not like Nintendo): a lcd and e-ink. It looks sweet but a high price of $ 600 dollars which is a regular price for any super high-tech cellphone.

The idea for the e-ink screen is a simple one: save battery. Let’s face it! You have to turn on the screen to check the time, missed calls, etc; and if you are outside, you have to give shade to your phone to see something. This way, all main and important notifications are seen on the e-ink screen which is visible under the sun.

Why is this phone in this blog? Simple, I just want it and e-ink is visible anywhere, so I can use in the classroom to show something simple like a small text, big picture, timer, etc.

Official page right here.

For videos:


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