Movie Trailers Making

02 Dec

Totally awesome for teenagers

New Teaching Era

This is the very first lesson plan I share with you so I hope you like it. Probably several teachers have done this at some point for many different purposes, but in this case, the purpose was to have my students not only learning  about movie genres, but also talking about which ones they liked and why they liked them.

However, you can review other topics such as present, past and other verb tenses, the Yes/No questions and WH- questions making and answering, vocabulary, develop reading and listening comprehension having as final product the use of the new knowledge in the creation of  a brand new version of an existing movie trailer. So, you can actually have your students developing the 4 macro skills, but it will certainly entail more monitoring and evaluating time.


Give them this worksheet and discuss about their choices

Make a mind map with them about…

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