14 Nov

This is an idea for a day or week activity: Disneyland. (Official page right here)

I have been there 2 times in my life: once when I was almost 4 years old and 21 years old.

For Sonora citizens, Disneyland is a possible journey. There are tours for $ 400 dollars per person (hotel + transportation + tickets) leaving the capital, but if you live near the border it’s even easier to go.

I’ve wanting it to go for a couple of years now, specially that my son is a preschooler. However, this year is not the right time, maybe next year. 😦


For each cycle in PNIEB, I think this topic could be used.

  •  Cycle 1: Describe the rides with simple words like: fun, terrifing, awesome, bad, awful, etc. Example: Autopia is fun.
  • Cycle 2: Ask other students about their favorite ride: What/which is your favorite ride?, and make a poll.
  • Cycle 3: Take the map and describe how to get to the ride. Example: Turn right in Autopia
  • Cycle 4: Write a review/description of a ride. Example: Autopia is for oldder kids. It’s in Tomorroland. etc.

For all the activities I make a simple page with 16 rides  to use it. Check it here at disneyrides.

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