Sokikom = Classroom managment + Math

11 Nov

Sokikom is a site for teachers and students. It’s like ClassDojo with a twist: it has MATH games!!!


  • Teachers can take attendance and give behaviors to students.
  • Teachers can obtain behavior reports to print or email.
  • Teachers can track math progress, even play the games to check them out (not so bad by the way!)


Students recieve “cash” for their good behavior to buy clothes for their avatars and play math games to obtain more cash.

Bad side: There is no app yet.

The math program has a free trial for some time (don’t know how long), so you probably will have to pay later ($10 dlls per students or $3,000 for 500 ss). However, I think you can refer it to a teacher friend to expand your free pilot (not completely sure).

It’s worth trying out.

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