Pinterest… a great idea!

17 Oct


For sometime, I was reluctant to sign up at this Social Network. Even though, I have the icon to share in my blog. I wasn’t sure if it was worthy. Well…

That changed.

During the summer, I decided to give it a try because I was looking for a way to have all possible birthday gifts for my son Max. I am not disappointed.


You can sign up from your email or facebook, even twitter.


It’s a very simple way to make a board with links, pictures and videos for any subject. The board can be private for secret projects. Also you can invite people to add pins to your boards (That’s collaborative project!!!)


You can add from your computer, a website or within the social network.


You can follow people or/and boards.


You can check all available pins through categories. Excellent way to find new ideas.

There are outside other social networks of the same nature, propably better ones. However, this one is simple to use and it’s all that matters.

What about teaching?

There are so many great boards and pins with ideas to check it out.


I have made a board with all my posts so far right here.

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