tablet + projector = Smartq U7

07 Oct

OMG! A tablet with projector! During the summer, one of my favorite tech blogs posted about this piece of modern marvel. I was mesmerized by the only thought of improving my teaching. The possibilities are endless: movies, presentations, apps, etc.


Carrying a pc and projector from classroom to classroom is tiresome, thereby I don’t do it ver y often. I am very classical trained so I love to use the board, besides I have no money to get my own projector and my pc is 6 years old and heavy. Besides you spend a lot of time (like 10 min) hooking up everything for a 5 minute video.

From the reviews and videos that I have read and seen, this tablet looks promising. It looks pricy for a Mexican poor teacher, but I am willing to sacrified fast food for a couple of months for this (Christmas is soon also). However, I would wait to save money and wait for the next improved model (the first version is not always the best one).

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One response to “tablet + projector = Smartq U7

  1. celina

    October 11, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    teacher it is not that pricy since a project costs more than that…..I love it…I want one…for December….I will buy one!


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