Sharing Saturdays, 09/13

23 Sep

Natural disaster

A couple of weeks ago on Facebook, my teachers friends and I were talking about the lack of EFL teachers in some elementary schools in the city, then we switched to our favorite topic: coffee, talk and some learning, yes, our Start School Year reunion. Last year, it was at the end of September, when it used to be in August or early September at the latest. Anyway, we were complaining and then someone said “we should get together and share ideas”. I got on board immediately, a friend got the location, and slowly but surely this gathering took shape.

inv sat 21

This was my sketched invitation.

So after two weeks of just saying, we putted into reality. Our fierceless leader took charge of it and I relaxed a little bit. Honestly, I needed a breather with all the new planning (1st and 2nd grade) and schools.

Final invitation made by a friend

Final invitation made by a friend

A secret group of 35 people in Facebook and you needed to confirm or your place was given to someone. Very demanded and VIP because it was in a small classroom and tough decisions were made.


The event was good even though it was the first one. The first of everything is not perfect. The first speaker was Andres Navarro who talked about classroom management and 5 very important rules:

  1. Learn the name of the students. It’s important for them to feel appreciated and not a number or thing.
  2. Establish internal rules. It’s your class regardless everything.
  3. Know national, state and school policies. Just in case of everything.
  4. Plan for your class. Readiness is important mentally and physically. A class full of meaningful activities is what is necessary, not necessarily follow the textbook or syllabus.
  5. Be presentable. It sounds cliche but first impression determine everything.


Then coffee break, more like lunch buffet due to the amount of food.


The second one was Isabel Ponce who created a sharing atmosphere about my favorite topic: material design. We talked about limitations in our schools, some cheap things we do and DEFINITELY learn something new: use cashier roll of paper instead of cutting paper, simple and very smart

She shared something very important and my personal moto in the topic: creativity is the key and doesn’t have a limit. Also, the 3As of everything, specially evolution:

  • Adopt. Take things that work.
  • Adapt. Make them your own.
  • Abandon. Leave what is useless.

We ended with some news, superficial, nothing super important, and the promise of another new month which is going to be focus on Material design and this one is the most important because I will participate on it.

It was good to see friends, chat and learn something new.


NOTE: My daughter attended too. So cute!

Taller de Inicio 2013-2014

NOTE 2: Casualty, the day before the event, on our official page there were the dates for our official reunion in several cities but not for Hermosillo.


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4 responses to “Sharing Saturdays, 09/13

  1. achulin

    September 23, 2013 at 11:00 am

  2. Alejandra

    September 29, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    Hi there! i ran into your blog a couple of days ago looking for resources for my classes, and let me tell you, your blog is fantastic! This is a great post and it reminds me of how much I wish things were as coordinated as they appear to be in Hermosillo. I’m from Durango and things are not as good as they should; anyway, you have a brand new follower here, congratulations!

    • Teacher Ale

      September 29, 2013 at 5:22 pm

      Thanks, we are not as coordinated as we would like but we are getting there

  3. María Elena Ramos Madrigal

    September 29, 2013 at 11:52 pm

    Hi Ale, it’s wonderful , I’LL BE THERE NEXT WORKSHOP.


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