A high school teacher, a mean student and social networks… a retweet too

19 Sep

Last weekend, all over social media, there was a video (no longer available) of a very insulted teacher who demanded very publicly an apology from a student who insulted her on Twitter, yet another student got blamed because he retweeted.

The video has provoked multiple opinions, students and teacher suspended and brought a big dilemma: Who is the bad here? For me, everybody. Let me explain.

  • The teacher. She was insulted and cyberbullied, yes, she was. However, she is the adult and public server and must be an example. Of course, she did what she did because of hurt, she is human too. She could avoid the whole situation by using other social network like Edmodo and keep the channel of communication professional. Let’s face it! Students and parents will always talk about us for better or worse. Should we get offended every time? Perhaps not. Should we ignore the comments? Of course not. We should listen and pay attention to the source.
  • The student. She insulted the teacher online, yes she did, but she was more embarrassed in public. She could avoid everything by holding her tongue or keyboard. Reasons for her to do? Probably, she was seeking for attention, she was mad at the teacher or just she was mean. Some kids just want to bother people because they feel untouchable (Example: the daughter of the President).
  • The society. Yes, all of us, for no teaching respect and digital citizenship to our children. Also, for making kids untouchable and irresponsible of their mistakes. Besides, for blaming the teachers before the parents (the true educators of the society)

Lessons to learn from this situation:


  • Teachers must be careful who befriend or follow on your personal accounts.
  • Use edmodo or schoology to keep it professionals.
  • Don’t make very public scenes. If you are mad and hurt, use a higher power (principal, attorney, etc).
  • Teach digital citizenship.
  • Think (see above)


  • Everybody reads and watches what you do, keep it clean.
  • Think  (see above)


  • Don’t take a side, listen and be constructive.
  • Make laws of this situation in schools.
  • Love our teachers. They don’t have the easiest profession.
Exactly how I feel in very harsh words. It's not my doing.

Exactly how I feel in very harsh words. I didn’t do this meme.

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